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Benefits of a Sunday edition
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If news breaks on Thursday, The Covington News has always been able to get something to its readers in our Friday edition.

However, articles have been just that — something. Of course, the information is up to the highest standard possible; however with a quick turnaround, some details or angles, may, from time to time, be overseen.

Now with time to look into the story from eyes that have rested a day or more, we here at The News will be able to explore stories further.

Not only that, but the Sunday News will be a complete paper, featuring sections we run throughout the week and month such as business, religion, health and more. The Sunday News will also bring back the beloved comics section.

The Sunday News will be filled with additional content, making it an even more highly-read product.

The Pew Research Center backs the claim of a Sunday paper being so widely read. In a project for the excellence in journalism in 2012, the Pew Research Center stated that even though newspapers were declining for 17 consecutive months, Sunday edition circulation stayed almost even.

According to the Pointer Institute year-to-year Sunday circulation was up 1.6 percent among daily papers reporting results to the Association of Audited Media from Sept. 30 2012-Sept. 30 2013. However, daily circulation among newspapers with a size of 25,000 circulation or less — The Covington News has a circulation of 5,800 — was down 3.9 percent.

While daily print circulation is declining, newspaper’s digital audience is growing — and mobile audience is growing even greater. This means The Covington News can use its website to reach even more people throughout the week, and get Newton County’s news out faster and to a greater range of people than we did with a Wednesday and Friday print edition. You no longer will have to wait until Wednesday or Friday, just look at your phone, tablet or computer and see what news effects you.