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Beer box stuck in car door tips off officer
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An officer on patrol was alerted to a possible DUI early Thursday morning, after the driver of a Honda Civic Del Sol reportedly drove for several seconds with a Miller High Life box hanging outside his car door.

The Covington Police Officer was on routine patrol when he allegedly noticed a man and woman exit The Depot and get into a vehicle. After a couple seconds the driver’s side door was opened and the driver reportedly tossed the beer box — with empty beer bottles inside of it — out the door of the vehicle and into the parking lot of the bar. However, when the driver shut his door her did not realize the box was partially shut in the door as well. According to reports, he drove down Emory Street dragging the box along for roughly 20-feet before the box broke free and spilled beer bottles and shredded cardboard all over the street.

The officer activated his emergency lights and the driver, later identified as 23-year-old Brent Lee Abbott, allegedly pulled the vehicle over without incident. As the officer approached he noticed both Abbott and the female passenger moving around quite a bit. Abbott was reportedly shaking his head and saying something to the female. When the officer reached the window Abbott lowered it and, according to reports, the smell of alcohol was unmistakable. Abbott reportedly appeared flushed, had bloodshot eyes and spoke slowly.

According to reports, Abbott said "how are you doing tonight officer?" and admitted to having drank "a few." When asked to step out of the vehicle he complied but was unsteady on his feet and stumbled toward the rear of his car where he swayed back and forth while speaking with the officer, according to reports.

Abbott agreed to field sobriety tests as well as a breath test, which showed his alcohol level at .141 grams. In Georgia, a person is legally drunk if they blow a .08. Abbott’s parents were called to pick up his vehicle.

He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with littering on the roadway and DUI.