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Barcode fraud costs Home Depot
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On June 1 at roughly 7:30 a.m., Covington police responded to the a shoplifting at the Home Depot on Industrial Park Boulevard.

Upon arrival, the officer met with Stephen Center, the District Assets Protection Manager. Center stated that he had spoken with a detective and he was advised to file report.

Center reported that on May 2, Kristopher Dailey purchased an Echo lawn edger and Echo backpack blower from the Covington Home Depot. Upon investigating the purchase, Center discovered that the items Dailey had left the store with allegedly did not match the scan log.

The scan log reportedly showed that Dailey checked out two items that did not match the actual items that Dailey checked out. Center stated that the checkout had to have been circumvented to checkout for a much lesser price than what the items actually cost.

Center called this "Ticket Switching."

Center reported that Dailey had allegedly also visited Home Depot stores in Walton County, Rockdale County and DeKalb County where he would checkout items that were scanned or purchased for a lower price and then Dailey would allegedly return the items to another store for a refund of the actual cost of the items. Center also reported that Dailey would use a corporate account for store credits towards that purchase/refund of the items.

Center also stated that he recently met Dailey at a Loganville Home Depot and Dailey was wearing a police uniform with a gun belt with handcuffs, and a gun holster, but the holster was empty. Dailey reportedly said he was a Savannah police officer.

Dailey has been accused of "Ticket Switching" for an extended period of time and Center reportedly has documentation detailing the transactions.

Center reported that on June 1, Dailey used the "Ticket Switching Method" once more when purchasing light bulbs.

The Covington Police Department has acquired surveillance DVD's from Center showing Dailey's activities at the stores.

Woman threatens Covington police officer
The Covington Police Department responded to a suspicious person call in the area of Highway 278 and Emory Street. The original report allegedly stated that a black female in tan pants and a white shirt was walking around the sidewalk by Checkers, looking disoriented.

An officer located a female matching the description at roughly 9 p.m. inside Subway on Highway 278. The officer stated that he observed the female talking to customers in line and the staff allegedly saw the female walk over to a table and began to eat a customer's food.

The female was escorted outside by the officer and identified her as Debrey Walker. The officer noticed that Walker smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes and was slurring her words. Walker stated that she had been drinking at a friend's house and had consumed a beer and a half.

Walker reportedly gave the wrong date of birth and name several times before she was able to correctly identify herself. She was arrested for public drunkenness and transported to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

During transport, Walker became belligerent towards the officer and allegedly made threats of physical harm and death. Walker was asked several times to stop after she began to kick the seat in front of her, spit on the glass and bang her head on the partition.

When the officer reached the detention center, staff was enlisted to assist and bring a spit mask. Walker allegedly continued to threaten the officer and spit on the glass. Walker was warned that if she spits on the officer, she would receive a shock from a Taser. Walker refused to cooperate even as she refused to go into the holding cell. She reportedly spat on the officer once more. The officer then used his Taser on Walker and she was told not to move. Medical personnel checked her vital signs and they reported she was not injured.

Walker was charged with obstruction of an officer.

Disgruntled woman starts fight
Covington Police Department was dispatched to a call of disorderly conduct between two Covington women.

When the officer arrived at Jefferson Village Drive, Karen Cullins reported that she was at Green Leaf Court when Mary Sue Carr arrived. Cullins stated that she allegedly ignored Carr and refused confrontation with her. Cullins reported that while Carr was approaching the residence, Carr approached Cullins from behind and allegedly bumped Cullins with her shoulder. Cullins said she asked Carr why Carr had bumped into her, and Carr allegedly turned around and slapped Cullins. Carr then reportedly began to walk into the residence.

Cullins stated that she then approached Carr. Carr then allegedly pushed Cullins onto the ground and began to punch and kick her. Cullins said that Cedric Carr proceeded to stop the fight. Cullins then stated that she went to her car to call for law enforcement and she reported that Carr had allegedly approached her once more and spit in her face.

The officer spoke with Cedric Carr who confirmed Cullin's statement. Cullin's was advised of the options to press charges against Carr and she stated that she will be taking warrants on Carr.

Carr was not on location at the time the report was made.

Officer responds to horse theft
Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a reported theft on Glass Road.

The officer spoke with the complainant Jessica Payne, who reported that an unknown person stole a horse from the property between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Payne said she had fed the horse that morning. That was the last time the horse was seen.