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Bang for the buck
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The Fourth of July brings a renewed sense of patriotism, a chance to stand by the grill all day and an annual pilgrimage of firework vendors.

Three such tents have been open and selling fireworks in Covington throughout the last month. One is located in Walmart’s parking lot, one in Kmart’s and one in the new Ross shopping center’s parking lot.
To acquire a license for the sale of fireworks under the tents, vendors were charged $100 by the city of Covington. Once the vendors apply for a temporary business license, not to exceed 90 days and typically closer to 30 days, it then has to go through the approval process.

To get the license approved, the business must pass inspection from the fire marshal, building inspector, planner and police chief or assistant police chief.

The same application process occurs for other vendor tents such as Christmas Trees and pumpkins.