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Annual Salem Camp meeting is July 6-13
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The annual Salem Camp Meeting is coming in July and will feature two international preachers.

One of them, Dr. Winston Worrell, director of World Methodist Evangelism Institute, has preached in more than 54 countries in the world. Dr. John A. Huffman, minister-at-large, after serving the huge St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, Calif., has preached on every continent in the world.

Huffman has traveled internationally on more than 80 trips, visiting 100-plus foreign countries on all seven continents. In 1975, he spent two weeks at the Vatican in consultation with Roman Catholic leaders; in 1977 traveled three weeks studying missions and international relations in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia, in 1983 ministered in Australia and the Solomon Islands with the Wycliffe Bible Translators, worked with Dr. Billy Graham in the Amsterdam International Conferences for Itinerant Evangelists; in 1989 did a 10-day preaching mission throughout Cuba; in 1993 traveled extensively through Vietnam, in 1993 traveled with Douglas Coe in a leadership team, speaking in Korea and attending an Asian Leadership Conference in Japan; and in 1995 traveled extensively through China, teaching for two weeks of that time in Nanchang and Beijing Seminaries as a guest of the China Christian Council. Recently, he has been actively involved in world/relief/justice efforts in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He was involved in a planning and pastoral leadership role in the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization held in Cape Town, South Africa, October 2010.

Worrell has served in ministries in 54 countries around the world. He has lectured on mission and evangelism and preached in such countries as Commonwealth of Independent States, Brazil, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Italy, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Paraguay, England, Colombia, Jamaica, Hong Kong, South Africa, Fiji, Togo, Spain and the U.S., to name a few. He teaches in workshops on different areas of mission and evangelism in the Order of the Flame "Young Pastors' Conference" held annually in the United States, sponsored by World Evangelism of the World Methodist Council.

He has had experience in Billy Graham crusades in the Caribbean and has preached to crowds of over 20,000. As director of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, he has worked with Dr. H. Eddie Fox, Dr. George E. Morris and with Methodist/Wesleyan Bishops around the world and has organized more than 40 regional and international seminars during which time the Institute has trained almost 5,000 national and international pastors and church leaders in evangelism.

The Salem Board of Trustees hopes every church of all denominations will bring a special group to camp meeting and enjoy the preachers and great music program. The Ramsey pavilion will be available for picnics.

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