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Angry patient banned from office
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Employees at a local doctor's office called for deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office after a regular patient yelled and threw things at the office staff.

According to reports, the front desk employee told deputies that the man, who is a regular, came in to see the doctor after 11:30 a.m. - which is when they stop taking patients. The employee checked with the doctor, who told her she would see the man.

The patient allegedly said "I knew she would see me." When the employee told him she had not told the doctor who was in the lobby, just that it was a patient, the man reportedly became irate and yelled at her to "shut up!" He then threw a pen at her.

Another employee asked the man to come in the back so she could speak with him. She told him he couldn't yell at the employees and he "became even more angry." He walked out of the office, slamming doors and threatening to have the employees fired. Because of his actions they did not want him back on the property and were terminating him from using their services any longer.