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Alleged child molestation investigated
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Detectives are looking into an accusation of child molestation reported early Friday morning.

Two women came into the police department to report that their family member and her 6-year-old daughter had met them at McDonald's in Conyers and the woman's sister reported to them that she had returned home to find the 6-year-old in the bed with her grandfather.

According to reports, she said she asked the child's grandfather why the little girl only had her panties on and he said he had told the child to put some clothes on.

When the woman took her daughter into the bathroom for a bath she noticed her private area appeared red. She asked the child if anyone had touched her and the girl reportedly said she didn't know and couldn't remember. The complainant told detectives that after everyone ate their meal and she had heard her sister's story, she approached her 6-year-old niece and asked her if anyone had touched her inappropriately or if "Grandpa" had ever touched her. The girl allegedly replied that she didn't know and couldn't remember, but said "he might have."

The case is still under investigation.