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A not-so-welcomed Halloween scare
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A woman went to the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report harassing phone calls.

The woman came to the NCSO around 9 a.m. Thursday. She reported that around 11 p.m. Tuesday she received an urgent voice mail message from a restricted phone number. But when she played it back, she was in for a spooky surprise.

According to reports, a female - or possibly a child - was singing on the voice mail message in a "low, creepy voice."

The report states that while it was hard to make out a lot of what the person on the other end was saying, the end of the message was clear. "If you come out and play, we will kill you."

The woman had not received any further messages, but asked that patrol be increased around her home, just to be on the safe side.

Kids will be kids?
Deputies from the NCSO were called to a home on Mountain Way Tuesday afternoon by a woman who was concerned that her young daughter was being bullied by an older child on the bus.

The mother reportedly told deputies that her second-grader was being bullied by a fifth-grader who lived in the same neighborhood. She said that the fifth-grader has other girls on the bus calling her daughter names, and when her daughter is outside the house playing, the fifth-grader will come by and start picking on her. She said it had not become physical, and she had reported the bus issue to the school.

The deputy went to the home of the fifth-grader and spoke with her mother. The mother allegedly told deputies that her daughter did admit to name-calling but that, "kids will be kids."

You'll need to pay for that
A Charter Cable employee called deputies out to a home in the Victoria Station neighborhood of Oxford, for a report of a residence stealing cable.

The cable employee told deputies that he had discovered that someone had tampered with the cable lines at a specific address, cutting them and then placing them back together so the residents could still have cable without the hassle of paying for it.

He requested a report so the company could take out a warrant on the residents at the address.

Sticky fingers
A group of concerned neighbors called for deputies after the noticed two men running from their neighbor's home with his flat screen television late Wednesday morning.

The men took off with the $350 television, heading from Robin Hood Road toward Rocky Point Road. One neighbor walked to the home where the men had run from and noticed the back door kicked in, prompting him to call 911.