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A look at Mike Whatley for Post 2 East Ward
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Who is Mike Whatley: Whatley, who is running for fifth term as Council member from Post 2 East Ward is a lifelong resident of Covington. At 64, he is retired, and serves as vice-chair for the Newton County Water and Sewer Authority Board. Governor Nathan Deal appointed Whatley to serve on the Water and Waste Water Certification Board, an agency that creates tests for operators at water and waste water plants.

Why does he want to run for office again: “There are a lot of good things that are going to be happening in the city of Covington in the next few years and I want to be part of it,” he said. “Doors are just beginning to open and I want to see a lot of things come to fruition.”

During his terms in office, Whatley is most proud of two things—the high rise developments in the Nelson Heights neighborhood and the golf cart ordinance, allowing people with limited access to transportation, to go places in the city. “It saves people from driving cars and using gasoline. It’s beneficial to the environment as well as the economy,” he said.
What he plans on continuing to bring to the council: Whatley, who has a degree in Public Administration from Clayton State University, brings an understanding of public administration as well as water and sewer issues. “My tenure on the council has taught me the inner operations of the city to the point, I’m pretty aware of what’s going on inside and outside the business itself.

“I am proud of my voting record and I stand behind it 100 percent,” he said. “I look forward to working as hard as I can for the next four years, as I did the last 16.”

Family: Whatley and his wife, Billie Jean, are both life-long residents of Covington and have been married 45 years. The couple has one son, Fluff, 30, who lives in Newton County.