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2 brothers go to jail together
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 Two brothers were arrested after one tried to interfere with the arrest of the other.

 According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were called to a home on Wellington Ridge Drive regarding a domestic situation. When they arrived, they reportedly found that 27-year-old Marcus Terrell Denson had kicked in the door.

 Reports indicate that officers could hear a man and woman yelling and found the man standing in the doorway of a bathroom yelling at the female. Officers attempted to place Marcus in handcuffs until the situation could be controlled and he allegedly refused to place his hand behind his back, pulling away from the officer. Eventually the officer captured one of Marcus’ hands, but according to reports he refused to surrender the other one.

 While trying to get Marcus cuffed, another man, later identified as Marcus’ brother, 19-year-old Reginald Emanuel Denson, walked into the room and angrily stated his brother didn’t do anything wrong and that they
[officers] couldn’t "do that to his brother."

 After a brief struggle, Marcus was placed under arrest and escorted by officers to a waiting patrol vehicle. After Marcus was placed inside the car, Reginald reportedly came outside and began arguing with the officers once more. He allegedly told the officers that they had "no business being in the house" and that what they were doing to his brother was wrong.

 Reginald was instructed to leave or he would be arrested, and he reportedly ignored the officers’ commands. When officers finally became fed up and told Reginald to come to them, he allegedly said "you ain’t getting me" and started to run away.

 He reportedly ignored several commands to come to the officers and continued to run circles around the vehicles. One of the officers gave chase and was able to detain Reginald and place him under arrest along with his brother. While speaking with him, officers were also able to detect a strong odor of alcohol coming from Reginald’s breath, according to reports, and Reginald reportedly did admit to drinking throughout the night.

 Officers spoke with the victim, who allegedly told them that her boyfriend Marcus had been arguing with her over some text messages that he believed she was receiving from another man when he became violent. She reportedly told officers that she was attempting to get away from him when he kicked in her door with her three children, ages 4, 6 and 3-months-old, were present.

 Both brothers were transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Marcus was charged with criminal trespassing and cruelty to children and Reginald was charged with obstruction and consumption of alcohol by a minor.