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What to stream this week
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For those of us, who subscribe to Netflix and/or Amazon Instant Video the beginning of the month brings a new slate of material to binge-watch or not to watch at all, even when you’re drunk, or lonely, or both. The month of October offers up a bunch of new movies to stream, as well as TV series to start or continue. Here’s the binge-worthy for the month of October.

What: Gilmore Girls
When: Available now
Where: Netflix
Why: If you’re a guy wondering why I picked this, it’s definitely not for you (or me). But from what I’ve learned, the ladies love it. It stars Lauren Graham (you know that chick that was in the hot tub with Billy Bob Thornton in “Bad Santa”) and Alexis Bledel who plays Graham’s daughter on the show, as they navigate their lives in….Stars Hollow, Connecticut? Yeah, ladies, this is for you.

What: Good Will Hunting
When: October 22-30
Where: Amazon Instant Video
Why: On a date and need something that you and your signifcant other can enjoy? You can’t go wrong with “Good Will Hunting.” It’s not your typical chick flick. Starring a few young superstars in Matt Damon, Ben and Casey Affleck, plus funnyman Robin Williams (rest in peace). William’s gives a great performance and his follow-up line to Damon’s “...I had to go see about a girl” is priceless.

What: Catching Fire
When: October 22
Where: Netflix
Why: May the odds be ever in your favor. “Catching Fire” is the sequel to “The Hunger Games” and it’s exceptionally better. The story, the characters and the directing is an improvement from the previous installment.Girls love Katniss and the guys love J-Law. Perfect match.

What: Django Unchained
When: October 25
Where: Netflix
Why: “I count six shots.” I already have this on my DVR, but odds are I’ll probably watch it on Netflix, simply because I enjoy it that much. Jamie Foxx is great and the oscar-less Leonardo Dicaprio is even better. The fantasy drama set in the 19th century is Quentin Tarantino at his best (well maybe not his best, but it’s a really good movie). Jonah Hill was apart of one of the best cameos in the movie and Samuel Jackson isn’t yelling out bible verses in this but he’s still an angry black man, a very funny angry black man.

What: Space Jam
When: Available now
Where: Amazon Instant Video
Why: Come on, man. It’s unamerican not to enjoy “Space Jam.” I mean, how many movies give you Michael Jordan, Bill Murray AND Bugs Bunny? I bet you know the song too.

Honorable mentions: Sons of Anarchy, Scream 1-3, Last Man Standing and The Walking Dead.