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Throw on a scarf, save some money
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Things start to get dull after the thrill of the holidays is over. It’s only then that you really seem to realize that its winter, it’s cold, everything is dead, and there’s nothing to do for at least two months. It can be a depressing time, sure. But it doesn’t have to be, since I know a little secret… not everything worth doing is on hiatus till Spring, and what’s even better: a lot of the things that are fun to do year-round are being offered at discount prices simply because it’s winter!

Yellow River Game Ranch
Throughout January 20 the game ranch is offering Dollar Days, where the price of admission is just $1! The downside is that it’s cold outside and you’ll have to bundle up, and many of the animals might be hiding out in their little burrows or nests or whatever sorts of homes they have built for themselves in the pimped out game ranch. The up side? The price, of course, and the fact that it will be a lot less crowded, meaning the animals won’t have gorged themselves on crackers and carrots by the time you get there to feed them.

Zoo Atlanta
I love the zoo, but it’s just so expensive. It’s a place that I would visit with or without a child, and not feel the least bit bad about it. The bad part is the cost, but when it’s cold you don’t have to worry so much about that part. When temperatures fall below 45 degrees, the admission price drops by 50 percent! And while some of the animals will not be allowed outside in that weather (primates), a lot of the animals prefer the cold, so expect to see a lot of pandas. Also, just like the game ranch, the size of the crowd decreases dramatically when it’s cooler outside. Totally worth bundling up for!

You can always get an annual pass to LEGOLAND, but only through the end of this month can you buy one and get a second one totally free! If this seems like a waste of money, then you’ve obviously never been to the glory that is LEGOLAND. Everyone loves LEGOS, as long as there is no chance of stepping on one at 3 a.m. while trying to get a glass of water in bare feet. Don’t ask. Plus, it’s seriously a great present for someone with kids. Raining, snowing, hotter than the surface of the sun? Doesn’t matter, just take them to LEGOLAND! The pass also gets you 10 percent of birthday parties and the retail shop and 20 percent off at the café.
Starlight Drive-In
While this isn’t half-priced, it’s super cheap, and it’s super fun! Want to get out of the house but not freeze? Go to the drive-in! Most kids have no clue about drive-in movies – I know mine doesn’t. It’s also a great place for a fun date. You have four movies to choose from and kids 9 and under get in for $1, while adults only have to pay $8. It’s not watching a blockbuster in 3D, but you can still watch that Hobbit movie where they end it with a ridiculously lame cliffhanger if you want, and you can do it from the comfort of your own car while eating some take-out. Sounds like a perfect thing to do on a winter day!