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The Ulcofauhatchee Holler: What's the word around town
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Welcome back, friends. It's so good to see you once again. Well, folks, The Sunday Buffet is no more. One and done. We struck up the focus group, convened the steering committee & sent some smoke signals to the Tonto Network & it was a general consensus view. The Sunday Buffet is yesterday's news. So, like time, we march on.

But fret not, beautiful readers, the basic concept remains. We'll be discussing music, arts & entertainment, culture, food & dining, local goings-on & all the rest, but it will now be called, "The Ulcofauhatchee Holler." How many of you know that that's what the Alcovy used to called by the Upper Creek but was later changed because white folks had a tough time pronouncing and/or spelling it? True story.

We have no issues here being willing to adjust to the will of the people, people. Your pleasure is our pleasure & we aim to please. If we need to go to the moon & sell moon pies, we'll do it - just for you. And did I tell you how marvelous you look today? I really like what you've done with your hair...

After Hours

It's another big week of tunage in & around C-town and the home county. Just take a gander at Xavier the intern's listing of what all we've got coming down the pipe for this upcoming week. Just remember that you've always got live music going on all over on the weekends, and more & more, you're seeing stuff happening on other evenings, too. I think this Friday, the 12th, I'll definitely have to once again head to Amici, if time permits, to check out Idylls (Brad & Reb) featuring Cham Stone. Bandmates of mine, I really dig their style. I may be late because I'll be playing a private event with Mr. Steve Biggers & Lanier Mote doing some ole timey and country gospel. I'm really looking forward to this one.

And don't forget about open mic night with the one & only Shane Clark on Thursdays at the Porterdale Bar & Grill. And also remember that the PB&G does Sunday afternoon shows as well as live shows on the weekends. And speaking of the lovely mill village, you always know you're going to see some great stuff on Saturday nights at both The Speakeasy & at Lahrceny Tavern.

Arts & Culture

On my usual Wednesday walkabout of the Covington Square I popped into WildArt & got to speak once again with the lovely and ever so talented Ann Wildmon. In addition to showcasing great art, crafts & gifts, WildArt also always has a busy schedule of paint and art classes for kids and adults, and they also have a lot of art camps and programs lined up for the summer. I just love their little memo pads made from banana paper. I picked one up & have really enjoyed using it. It's just the right size for a busy pressman like myself.

I also stepped into Southern Heartland that day on my way back from the Town House Cafe. Man, walking around that gallery is awe-inspiring. I mentioned a few names last week, including Ms. Carol Veliotis (look for an interview with her in next week's edition), but I want to drop another one today. Cindy Murphy. I'm a fan! I'm proud to own and display one of her works in my home, along with a few others including a couple by Ms. Carol. I wish I had the budget to buy and own multiple works by literally dozens and dozens of our area's artists. Maybe one day. I just gotta keep working hard so I can afford it!

And, yeah, that's right, culture. Yeah...again, we're on it. We're working on the culture. We'll have something for you on that real quick folks. You can count on us.

Food, Dining & Shopping

There's so much out there and so much I really want to cover, but time and space won't allow it all at once, naturally, but there is just one thing I really want to mention. Pork. I'm a fan. A really big fan. It's right up there with Bourbon. Here's some of my favorite pork products throughout the home county: the pulled pork at pretty much every BBQ joint around, but especially Jack's BBQ on 278 across from the old Wal-Mart. And his homemade pork skins. Too good. Where There's Smoke & Cowboys BBQ also both have some legit meat. I mentioned the homemade skins at Rooster's last week, and they are magnificent, too. Word is that their pork chop sandwich might actually be the best thing on the menu. I'm planning on getting down to the old site of the DDC to find out very soon. Washing it down w/ an ice cold Bud, of course!

Local Happenings

A little bit of this, a little of that. Per usual, lots of moving parts. And lots of foolishness!

Odds & Ends; Miscellany & What-not

Not really much to report on this end either, friends. I would like to ask all of you to say up a prayer for a dear friend of Ann's & mine. This wonderful woman finds herself having to say goodbye and bury one of her sons. A parent should never have to lose a child. It just seems so unfair. Keep this Lady in your thoughts & prayers if you would.

As a friend of mine recently said - it's always a beautiful day in Covington. I love you all!