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The Sunday Buffet: Its more than music
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Hello again, friends. So glad you could join us. We know you're hangry, and we've got a lot of groceries to give to all you good folks. A large selection of choices to choose from, dear readers, and, as always, a lot of variety therein. We trust this will become an every Sunday stop for at least a few of you. 

After Hours 

Well, gang, we all know that we've got a ton of music going on in our neck of the woods. The general sentiment has always been that there must be something in the water. I wouldn't be disinclined to agree; it really is something else. Whether it's the hotbed we have on the town square in Covington - Amici, The Listening Room, Mystic & Your Pie; or the Porterdale bunch - Lahrceny Tavern, Porterdale Bar & Grill & The Speakeasy; or 5 O'Clock, The Depot or the other places all throughout the home county, we - all of us - have such a great gift that is such an asset for our shared community. It's really something else. 

And the list of the great talent we have, which we have been discussing for almost a year and a half in "Marshall's Music Minute," is just incredible. Hannah Thomas, Johnny Roquemore, Chris, Jon & Scott; Whiskey Bent; Leighlynn Shine, Sweet Harmony & dozens more. Well, it's just all so incredible. 

There's a lot of great shows for the upcoming weekend and be sure to check out the new segment from The News - "Who's Playing Where & When." Just remember that is still your 411 for all things music 'round our parts. I'm planning on getting by that very special place, Amici, and checking out Dane Robinson on Friday night, He very much seems to be a true talent, and a lot of y'all know how I feel about that groovy spot on College Ave, and their ranch dressing. And those lovely ladies behind the bar. 

Arts & Culture 

But, my dear readers, let's just get real for a second. The musicians and all that. Great. Whatever. But where it's really at in the COV, in this writer's estimation, is w/ the Artists. Something in the water? Yasss! Most assuredly. Carol V, Elise Hammond, the Susans & all the rest. Then there's the other crew just east of them on the south side of the Square. They're all a revelation. And between them & the rest you've got basically like a hundred or so glorified artists in & around C-town & the home county. It's just so damn amazing. We will be covering the arts, & specific artists, Every. Single. Week. And we're all gonna just love it, I truly believe. 

And culture...yeah, that too. For sure. Glad you asked about that. We're all about some culture, friends, and we know y'all are too. So, yes, culture. Coming right up. We're on it! 

Food & Dining 

A bit ago, ole Doc T called me up and opened the conversation by screaming - "THEY GOT DUMPLINGS DOWN AT ROOSTER'S IN MANSFIELD!" 

"Do what now?" I responded.

"DUMPLINGS!,  (expletive deleted) it!" 

I told him I wasn't so sure about that but that I'd check into it. He hung up on me. So that next Wednesday I eased on down to Bob Lee, AKA, Carmel, and checked the place out. The sweet gal at the window confirmed what the seventh or eighth generation Newtonian, rapscallion & rascal had told me - on most Saturdays, they DO do chicken & dumplings. I got the blue plate special that day. It was fine! The second time through and I tried some of their wings. It was real good!

Third time's a charm and all and I try their fried chicken and my boss lady (work variety) had a burger. Both just outstanding! I also had the fortune to run into Kenny Anderson, the proprietor of this fine establishment. You can tell he's just one of those guys. Good at everything, most likely, a hard worker, and probably always landing on his feet. He fixed up the place himself & it just looks wonderful! 

Y'all know where I'm talking about, right? It's the old gas station from back in the day on the Newborn side of Hwy 11. Well, we got to talking and wouldn't you know it, that fella went and got some samples of their gizzards and home-made pork skins. They were divine, people! Just truly divine. I told him the only thing that would have made it any better is if they could've sold me an ice cold Budweiser, or maybe an Icehouse (Here's looking at you, Ronnie!). That's when he said - "I just got my pouring license. We start selling next week!" 

"Outstanding!," I responded. 

And y'all, word is, they're gonna start doing live music on the weekends. Ron Kimble, Georgia music legend, will be in a regular rotation. This place is special. You may want to think about checking it out. 

And moving forward, we will be covering Food & Dining every week. You know we got it going on in the county seat. Hell, Chef RL is an American Treasure! He's cooked for Ronald Reagan & Stevie Wonder and trained under Paul Prudhomme. And the ratatouille at the Mystic? Mmm, mmm good!  This is gonna be a great segment, I believe. 

Now if I can only just get Madame GM to start giving me a food & expense allowance, it'd be even better. Her name's Hosanna, and she's a marvelous woman. Just send a note to her c/o The News, if you kindly would, and tell her to give that humble & very talented correspondent & pauper of The News, Marshall McCart, just a tad bit of grocery money on the company dime to be able to do these future write-ups about some of these fine food establishments that we've got around here. That'd be great. 

Local Happenings 

A battle has been brewing of sorts related to the direction of the Covington Square vis-a-vis alcohol. To distill it down to the heart and soul of the matter - cutting the heads and tails, if you will - to really mash it out, as it were, you have to realize that there's been a fermenting of emotions about all of this going all the way back to the 1880s when a fella by the name of Will Smith killed 3 men while in a drunken stupor & while playing cards at one of the brothels on the west side of the Covington Square. 

But that was a while back. I think folks are drinking much better these days, don't you?  Ice is the key, I think. Even if you're drinking it straight, such as Yours Truly, that ice eventually melts, doesn't it? And that's a good thing.  

Some have said that there is "enough alcohol on the square" already these days. What? Can you ever have enough? Is there too much of a good thing? Well...maybe? Of course. It's all about moderation. It's also all about Freedom & Liberty, can I get an Amen? We tried Prohibition some decades back, and it didn't work, did it?  And what of those aforementioned fabulous & marvelous artists? Shouldn't they be able to offer up a little Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay when they have a showcase night, or something similar. This writer sure thinks so. 

Odds & Ends; Miscellany & What-not 

Someone on the book of faces recently made a comment that they were surprised that the Chamber hasn't already tried to pitch a reality show about the peculiar essence that is all things Newton. Interesting thought. My .02 was this: 
I've come to the conclusion that C-town is a mix of “The Simpsons,” “South Park” and a Southern-fried Stephen King novel. The name of this new semi-scripted, quasi-reality show? "C'town Representin'!"

Well, that's all we've got for this edition. Please contact me via smoke signals or by sending a handwritten letter to The Covington News on Usher St. Check in again, fine folks, and as always - thanks so much for reading. Until next time. 

Kindly Yours,

Your Friendly Correspondent MB McCart