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The Covington Crier: Hear Ye, Hear Ye - what's the buzz?

Greetings & Salutations, dear readers. It's always a pleasure to join you on the pages of The News, this fine publication that's been telling the story of our lives since 1865. For the fourth time in as many weeks you may have noticed that this column has had a different name. Ever since we put the “Music Minute” on the shelf, this will now be our third working title. While "The Ulcofauhatchee Holler" caught the eye of many, a lot of folks just felt like it was too hard to read, pronounce and spell. Well, it's not like that's the first time that's happened. As we discussed last week, that's why they changed it to Alcovy in the first place. Plus, no less than three members of the T.N. claimed that they had "dibs" on the word. Not sure how that works, exactly, but who are we to question these things? And for the record, the combination of that word with "holler" was a tip off the hat to a certain CFO & furniture maker who actually resides on that majestic, riparian body of water. Imitation and flattery and all... 

So I consulted with one of the chief consultants and we're totally thinking that "The Covington Crier" is gonna be a real winner! For centuries dating back to the ancient days of Rome, the town crier made official announcements and pronouncements to the public. Utilized throughout all of Europe's history, criers were also commonplace in America up until the early 20th century as many residents were illiterate and the crier conveyed legal notices and other important information that couldn't be read in the legal organ. Pretty cool. So, The CC. What'd'ya think? Touch base w/ HQ and let us know your thoughts. We're interested to know, friends, because we value your opinion.

After Hours 

It's going to be a big week of music in and around C-town. First off, I'm pretty pumped about a show that Sweet Harmony, a group I'm proud to be a part of, will be doing at Rustic Flair on Floyd Street on Tuesday May 16 for the kick-off of their "Twisted Tuesday" concert series. I just love that absolutely out-of-sight  & eclectic spot that is this groovy little boutique, the fabulous and marvelous Marci Bennett, proprietor. Music to start at 7 p.m. Just bring your own camping chairs, picnic and supplies.

On Thursday the 18th, the Covington Square will have a real treat on their hands as Campbell Harrison, along w/ Harley & Owen Dills, will be doing the Spring Concert Series put on by the Arts Association of Newton County Easily three of the most talented musicians we have in the home county, this should be a heck of a show. Music starts at 12 noon.

And gang, I'm real excited about the Saturday show at The Listening Room, Irish Bred Pub's upstairs music hall, on Saturday May 20. Beau + Luci return their incredible talents to our fair city for what promises to be a really great evening. These south Georgia sisters and their top shelf band play a unique and extremely enjoyable brand of Southern Americana with elements of Pop, New Folk & Ole Timey. Their songwriting is superb, and their vocal harmonies will take you higher.

Arts & Culture

I had the extreme pleasure of conducting an interview this past week w/ one of my favorite people in the home county - Ms. Carol Veliotis. Fans of each other for many years, we are both proud members of one of Covington's most vibrant mutual admiration societies.

She truly is an amazing artist. What she can do with watercolor, oil and acrylic is incredible, but it's almost like that just comes too easy for her. These days, Carol is almost exclusively working in the realm of reclaimed art or reclamation. It is just great. She is also still very active in restoration work and is considered one of the best in our state.

Those that know her know her interesting life story. A hometown gal from a longtime Covington family, she took a paper in the Arts from Queens College. Later, while traveling Europe, she would meet and fall in love with a "handsome Greek god." The rest, as they say, is history. Fortunately she found her way back to the home city and has shined her light and shared her talents with us for many years.

When speaking of her passion for reclaimed art, she told me that "every piece tells a story." And that sometimes she has to put a work on hold for possibly as long as a few years waiting for just the right piece of the puzzle to finish the work. In addition to doing dozens of murals all over the state over the years, Ms. Carol also still occasionally gives art lessons. Basically retired with the exception of her reclamation and restoration projects, these days she enjoys gardening, relaxing in her paradise of a back yard & spending time and doing metal art projects with her fella, Trout.

And culture! Dang, yeah, that's right, we're supposed to be incorporating culture into this thing...Well, I think there's a croquet tournament coming up this weekend at Oxford College. Does that count?

Food & Dining

Last week we discussed pork; this week it's chicken wings.

There may be nothing more satisfying and rewarding in this world than a really good chicken wing. For the record, I'll pretty much eat any chicken wing I can get my hands on. The ones at pizza delivery places? Sure, why not. Gas station wings? I ain't proud. But my favorites, in no particular order, would have to be the following: RudyBoo's, Amici, Little Phillies, Tubby Tom's, Lucy's, Cowboys and a few others. Notice I separated Tubby Tom's and Little Phillies. They use different fryers and there is slight taste difference to the trained taste of a wing aficionado, but they are both still very good. I like garlic and honey mixed with a mild sauce a lot of the time; how do you like yours? And I recently had the sweet chili sauce wings at Amici per the recommendation of my ole pal, AB. Of course, we're still locked in a bitter dispute about who has the best ranch dressing in town. As many of you probably know, I'm an Amici man, whereas Aaron is saying Your Pie has them beat. I think we're about to start up a fresh game of Cowboys and Indians and put this matter to rest once and for all!

Local Happenings, Miscellany & What-Not

Well it'll be the third Monday of the month coming up so that means it's another installment of your friendly, local City of Covington council meeting. At the absolute minimum, it's just good, free entertainment. I think maybe they should add some music and serve up refreshments for those who actually come and sit through these things. Like, you know, a kind of a "Thank You" to those of you who help pay the bills but a special note of gratitude for those of you who do that and then actually come to the these meetings. It'd be a nice gesture, I think. And you might actually see me at one in the near future. Many of us have been trying to get the lights fixed at Elm and Floyd and also Pace and Usher for years now using the back channels. I guess we're gonna have get all official on it. Just know that we're on it.

Per the word, the big item of consideration for Monday's convocation will be the whole hospitality and brown-bagging thing as it relates to alcohol on the Covington square. This should be a slam dunk. Are you for Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Business, or are you not? It's actually really that simple, in my opinion, not that my opinion really counts for much of anything with at least a fair number of folks. What I don't understand is this - for decades now, different shops, businesses and other endeavors in and around the Square have been doing this hundreds, if not thousands, of times, but now - in 2017, mind you - all of the sudden it has become an issue. Why? What is the why here? But more importantly, who is the who? Or, who is the they, as it were? It reeks of politics. It's beyond ridiculous, in this writer's estimation, and many are starting to lose their patience...

Well thanks for reading, guys. We'll see you next time.