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The Alcovy Telegraph: There are some pretty good characters around these parts
McCart Marshall---WEB

Welcome back to the “Alcovy Telegraph,” friends, we’re so glad you’re here. Sorry we missed you last week but I unexpectedly had to put out the “Gone Fishin’” sign. It happens that way sometimes, but not too often. It’s so good to be back with you.

So I was talking with one of the Network Chiefs the other day and we were talking about all of the colorful characters of Covington over the years.

Snuffy Fuller, God rest his soul. What a man! And he could dance real good, too. Obviously he had an affinity for the drink, but nobody could disagree with the sentiment that he was a good and kind man who may have had issues of whatever sort. He was always pleasant to talk to. I gave him money and food a few times. There were folks who really looked after him, just like there are those looking out for some folks today. That’s a good thing.

And what about the “Walkin’ Man?” You know, that fella back in the day who wore the military fatigues with the floppy hat and the walking stick. I swear he must have walked over Newton County hundreds of times. Truth be told, I thought I’d seen a ghost the other day and thought that he was somehow back amongst us, but it was a younger fella who just reminded me of him.

And what of the “Lady” who used to make the rounds in the Sand Hill/Texas Alley/Washington Street area? That was always a sight to see.

So many characters… That’s just a part of C-town.

After Hours

Well, gang, this week I’d like to talk about one of my favorite watering holes in the home county - Lahrceny Tavern down in the lovely mill village of Porterdale. Amberly Lahr is the proprietor of this fine establishment, and she’s really created something special in this writer’s estimation.

For starters, they probably have the best, most comprehensive bar in all of Newton. Loads of top-shelf single-malts, small-batch bourbons and upper-echelon tequilas. Upwards of 40 craft beers, and they also have a pretty good wine selection. Along with Mrs. Lahr, you also have Jenn and Misty, two of the best bartenders in the home county. Try the pizza rolls, and they’re known for their club sandwich as well. It’s a good spot.

Arts & Culture

On Monday, from 5 to 9 p.m., a cool thing is going down at Irish Bred Pub. It’s “Feed the Arts,” a fundraiser for the Arts Association of Newton County Just tell your server that you’re there to support the Arts Association, and a portion of your ticket will go towards that fine organization. Good food while supporting a good cause. I think that’s called a win-win.

Kayla’s Korner

Hey folks! Welcome back to the best corner in the paper! This week's topics will include a home-town restaurant off the square and a cool place to encounter some awesome animals!

Let's dive in!

My week's recommendation for a tasty well-known burger would have to be Plain Nuts Deli's Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger. Very tasty, a good size, and very cheesy. My delicious burger was accompanied by some of the biggest and juiciest onion rings. The Owner, Jim Williamson, also came through while I was dining to check on all his customers while taking pride in his establishment. That’s always a huge plus. I highly recommend checking it out.

Looking to see and possibly touch some cool animals? I've got just the place. There's a little place off Pace Street called Morgan Plaza. You'll see a red sign that reads pet shop, and you've found your destination. Like puppies? Of course you do. Like pretty fish? Who doesn't? Leapin Lizards has all of that. A room full of fish, a small room of reptiles, and in the middle large and small birds that sing and some that may even talk with you!

Leapin Lizards has been in business more than 30 years, and has helped many animals find good homes. The owner, Joe, is an animal expert (in my opinion). She's very knowledgeable on small animals, from feathers, to fur or scales. They've got all your animal accessories and have a back room for grooming. My personal favorite is a cockatiel named Rodney; he's a very special bird that's sweet and loves to whistle at the ladies.  But don't take my word for it, go check it out yourself.

Keeping an eye on Covington - Kayla Leasure