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The Alcovy Telegraph: The weather is beautiful; wish you were here
McCart Marshall---WEB

Greetings from your erstwhile correspondent reporting to you this week from Florida's "Forgotten Coast," and more specifically, from the white, sandy beaches of Mexico Beach, Florida.

So, MB reporting from MB, as it were, and I'll tell you guys something - this is one of my favorite spots on Earth. Ann's family has a place down here and we come every single year. I just love it; however, as I was made aware of by the top brass around here - Mexico Beach is now officially full. They're closed, so if you haven't already set something up - it's too late now. Sorry...

After Hours

Well, friends, as many of you have probably heard the last few weeks, Covington's least-kept big secret is now officially official - City Pharmacy will be opening on the northeastern corner of the square in the mid to late fall.

In the spot that housed Square Perk for many years, and naturally the longtime spot of the original City Pharmacy, this Tedo Stone project is going to be something very special indeed, in this writer's estimation.

"Guaranteed to cure," the CP will be a tonic for all that ails you by providing "a chef-driven restaurant and bar [providing] reimagined Southern favorites, highlighting quality ingredients and a keen attention to detail."

Sounds fabulous. It will also be, as I'm told, a music spot which will only add to our already impressive music scene, and is being envisioned as a real social gathering place. I can't wait. Learn more on Facebook at: City Pharmacy.

McCart & McCart live at Amici Covington, Friday, July 21 at 7:30 p.m.

Guys, I'm really excited about this one. This will be the first time in about five years that Ann and I have done a show as just a duo. Also, Friday night will mark the first time either of us have played at Amici in more than a year and a half.

For this show, we will be breaking out a lot of our Jazzy stuff as well as some deep cut Americana tracks and a large assortment of originals that you normally might not hear with our main project, Sweet Harmony.

It's always a great time at the groovy pizza joint on College Avenue on a Friday night in Covington! I recommend you join us and, per usual, I recommend the ranch dressing - on everything.

Local Happenings; Odds & Ends

Another week in the book for the home county and the town seat. A lot going on these days, no? What with all the concerns and questions regarding the ambulance service, hospital authority, IDA, solid waste, the hospitality ordinance, inefficient traffic lights, etc. The list really does go on and on.

But that's where we come into play. We being you and me. We being those qualified electors who are really in charge of things. We being We The People.

We need to be the change we wish to see, but we always need to be mindful of maintaining civility, communication and compromise. And, friends, I'll be honest with you - that's one I'm still working on. But I am working on it. Striving to rise above; "working hard to get better."

Just like our country as a whole, we're always striving for that More Perfect Union. It's not always easy. Our battles should in the arena of ideas, and of winning the hearts and minds. With all that said, however, when it comes to fixing things and making them right, I do feel as if we have a duty and a moral imperative to do just that. To make things right.

Hope it's a great week for all us, guys, and hope to see you all again here next week.