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The Alcovy Telegraph: News of Newton & the lovely city of Covington
McCart Marshall---WEB

Happy Sunday, fine readers, and we sure hope it's a great day for all of you in Paradise. Well, obviously a big item of discussion this past week has been the title for this weekly column. 

As mentioned in last week's edition, the management at The News decided to do a readers' poll over on Well, the results were incredible. 

For starters, a huge number of votes were recorded. We appreciate the interest. However, it has been confirmed that there may have been voting irregularities with the front-runner, "The Covington Crier." So, you now how that goes. One bad apple and all. 

The Covington Crier is out. That leaves the second place finisher, "The Alcovy Telegraph," as our permanent title moving forward. 

And a quick moment. We lost another huge one this past week as Gregg Allman slipped his earthly bonds to take his reward up in Glory, and is now undoubtedly a big addition to the best house band that ever was. 

As I'm writing this piece, I'm scheduled to travel to Macon to cover the funeral procession for this legend. I got to see Gregg live a few times and I always enjoyed it. "Dreams" and "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" were always two of my favorites. 

After Hours 

I was talking to one of my students during a break from our real estate class the other night and this gal was talking about how Conyers, while having a lot to offer in the way of restaurants and bars, just didn't seem to have near the level of music going on that we had here in the home county.

 I told her that’s just how Newton County plays the game. There's just something in the water. 

And as you may have noticed, Xavier the Intern's "Music Fix" is not on this page this week. Xavier's been tied up with some academic endeavors and was on sabbatical this past week. I'd told him, and my esteemed editor, Ms. Jackie, that I'd grown to miss covering the music. 

So, a collaborative effort will begin next week. It's still Xavier's piece, but I'm in the bullpen, and I'm so excited. I've truly missed being fully submerged in the music 'round here.

For the upcoming week, just remember: live music on Thursdays at Your Pie, Mystic and The Listening Room. Live music every Friday at Amici Covington, Mystic, Listening Room, Porterdale Bar & Grill and Five O'Clock. And Saturdays will see live shows at most of those places and also at cool spots such as The Speakeasy, Lucy's, The Depot and others. 

And don't forget about the Picker's Circle at Cowboys BBQ in the Dixie community. 

Arts & Culture 

A few weeks back I ran into another one of my absolutely favorite artists, Mrs. Melissa Morgan Parker. 

Now folks, she's really talented, and I know a lot of you already know that. In addition to being the epitome of a true artist, she is also the encapsulation of the teacher. And as she told me - and I've heard this from so many of these other glorious artists we have in our area - everyone is an artist, and everyone has the potential to create Art. 

Well, friends, that makes me happy, because I've always wanted to be an artist, but I don't draw too good! Can't paint either. Maybe I'll find some type of niche at some point... 

Food, Dining & Shopping

Kayla's Korner

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the "Korner," and speaking of corners, I checked out all of the Covington Square's corners this week. 

My first stop was at an Italian restaurant called Amici. They're probably best known for their pizzas, yummy salads, and other traditional Italian foods, but I was in the mood for something just a bit different so I had the wings. So good! Especially when they're 75 cents a piece on Wednesdays, and you can't forget to dip them in their homemade ranch. 

And did I mention the cool patio outside? It's all brick with lots of tables and chairs. A great place to meet up and have fun. I even hear they do live music every Friday. Sounds good to me! 

So after Amici, I checked out the rest of the Square, and there's just so many great places. Lots of other eateries and a ton of fabulous shops.I can't wait to write about them. I enjoyed walking through several stores offering clothing, jewelry, and other miscellaneous gifts. There's also a few places selling home decor and there's even a music store for all you musicians. 

If you're wanting to support local businesses, then the Covington Square is definitely a good place to be! Also, try sitting in the middle of the square on one of those nice benches under the big, beautiful trees. It's very relaxing. 

Well, thanks for reading and I'll check ya' next week! 

Local Happenings; Miscellany & What-not

Another big week in the book. Here's my two cents regarding the hospitality drinks and brown-bagging situation. 

After heightened analysis & real submersion into the word on the street, things have really clarified as to the “why.” 

Money certainly seems to be - as it often is - a factor. But moreover it seems to be a sense of indignation from some who really don't even have any real skin in the game.

"Well, these other folks are having to pay the licensing fee (on-premise establishments) so why should some of these other places get to become a de facto bar?"

Well, there's actually some logic there. Plus, you're talking money and that always grabs my attention.

My initial response would be, "because Freedom.” However, there's a part of me that kind of gets it. Municipal alcohol licensing fees are pretty steep. 

A wise woman just the other night mentioned a compromise — perhaps a semi-nominal hospitality & brown-bagging permit fee.

It sounds almost reasonable. But the libertarian in me wants to say no. 

In summary, I think we should do...nothing. It's been fine for decades. What's really the problem? Or as another wise woman said - "Ain't Broke." 

Thanks so much for reading. Until we meet again.