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The Alcovy Telegraph: In search of the best chicken wing in Newton County
McCart Marshall---WEB

A couple of weeks ago I did a piece on the best burgers in town. The feedback on that column was pretty intense, especially on social media, and it seemed that my top two of Tava’s and Townhouse was pretty much a general consensus pick, though a fair number of folks may have had them in a different order. 

Several months ago I mentioned chicken wings and how important they are to me. Ever since that column I’ve been eager to revisit this topic, so here we go. My top-five countdown of the best chicken wings around with a couple of honorable mentions.

5. Rooster’s, Mansfield: This fine establishment owned by Mr. Kenny Anderson is putting out one heck of a chicken wing! You might want to accompany it with an order of those gizzards, and wash it down with a crisp, cold beer, which you can order now in “Carmel Junction.”

4. Townhouse Cafe, Covington: My No. 1 finisher in the burger column, this amazing place also deliver a glorious chicken wing. I usually get the lemon-pepper wings here. 

3. Amici Covington: I get mine honey, garlic mild and... wait for it... with extra ranch. They’ve got it down pat, here. They really do. 

2. Tubby Tom’s/ Little Phillies, Covington: Vic Orgo is about as yankee as they come, but I’m a big fan, and I’m a big fan of his chicken wings. I have been ever since the 1990s when I first got a taste of this ideal epitome of chicken wingdom. Vic tells me I’m crazy, but I still say that there is a difference in taste and texture of the wings from Little Phillies vs. Tubby Tom’s, but there’s a little bit of science there, apparently. They use a different type of fryer at each location, so maybe I’m onto something.

1. RudyBoo’s, Covington: Randy and the family have been putting out my all time favorite chicken wing for many years. Phoning in an order on a Friday and going by their little spot in Morgan Plaza to pick it up has been a tradition of mine for a long time. We'll usually get an assortment - mild, teriyaki and lemon pepper - and those glorious curly fries.

And there's a ton of other places with great chicken wings as well. Lucy's, Cowboys BBQ, Irish Bred and others are worth the trip. 

Well, friends, I'd like to end this article by making you aware of a few changes. You won't be seeing me as much in this publication and the reason for that is twofold. 

For those of you who have enjoyed my historical Piedmont Chronicles archive pieces in the mid-week News & Advertiser the last several months - and based on the feedback that was a good number of you - that series has run its course. We've run through all the archives. However, I'm currently working on fresh pieces on Newton County history, so be on the lookout for those down the road. 

And after today's column, I will no longer be doing a weekly piece for The Covington News. Originally a music column - "Marshall's Music Minute" - and later kind of an around town type write-up, I've been doing it for close to two years. I've sure enjoyed it, and it seems like many of you have as well. I'm grateful for that.

Moving forward, I will still be doing my monthly piece for our local hometown paper. I believe I'm scheduled for the first week of each month, so I'll be talking with y'all next week. As always, thanks for reading. Alcovy Telegraph, over and out.