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The Alcovy Telegraph: Getting back to the basics
McCart Marshall---WEB

Hello, Covington! Hope all is well out there and that everybody had a great week. Another week is upon us, the kiddos are back in school and we find ourselves getting ever so closer to the kick-off of college football. I’m pretty stoked about this, and I know I’m not the only one. 

After Hours

As usual, there’s a ton of terrific music in our neck of the woods at places like Amici, Mystic, The Speakeasy, Lahrceny Tavern, the Irish Pub and others. There is also a really big benefit show going on over at Five O’Clock Somewhere that I’d like to tell you good folks about.

A few months back and a fella by the name of Donavan Jervis was badly injured in a motorcycle accident. He’s doing much better now but had to incur a lot of medical costs. Both Donavan and his wife Lisa are well-known and liked members of our community and they have both also been actively involved with Ride for Roxy - a great local charity comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts who organize and do rides to help various folks in our area.

To that point, the Ride for Roxy group is looking to help one of their own and have organized an all-day event at Five O’Clock this Saturday, August 5th. This looks to be like an amazing day of music and activities, friends.

This listing of the groups playing is very exciting. Ben Smith, Scott Little and Stratton Wilson will all be doing sets. Leighlynn Shine, a personal fave of mine, will be performing, as will old friend Chris Nichols and the group he plays with - Filthy Rebel. The headliner for this event will be Eleven Standing Still.

In addition to the jam-packed lineup of top-shelf musicians and bands, there will also be a bunch of raffles, live auctions between musical sets of some choice stuff, and they will also have t-shirts and koozies on sale to help raise funds for Donavan and Lisa. This looks like a really great event for a very good cause. Again, that’s this Saturday, the 5th, at Five O’Clock.

Food, Shopping, Dining, Arts & Culture

If you’ll notice I combined two of our usual sub-titles and that was not on accident. Friends, I have come to know and love a place over the last several months that I think you will also enjoy. Back to Basics Market can be found at 2113 Pace Street right there in between the Covington Fire Station and the NAPA Auto Parts next to Morgan Plaza.

This place is something special, folks. I first heard about it several months ago and started trying some of their sandwiches. They are exquisite, and like all the breads and other foods there, they are all organic and made with non-GMO wheat. Some of the most popular breads are the Ciabatta, organic sourdough rye, and an organic multi-grain that you can buy by the loaf.  You can also pick up super tasty super treats like brownies, mini-pies and various cookies. I bought a peanut butter cookie the other day and I almost got emotional while eating it. This cookie kind of changed my life; it was truly a great cookie.

Back to Basics is owned by Lyn Gossage, who is also the bread and food maker. A remarkable woman who is obviously very talented, she’s a true joy to talk to. But she’s just a part of the overall market. You’ve got so much there. Ms. Mary Leinweber offers up her stained-glass artworks and you can also pick up one an album of The Flatpickin’ Professor, Dr. David Leinweber. Luann Shutley has her marvelous soaps for sale; Ms. Gail Nash, an “upcycle” artisan, has her lovely reclaimed art there; Lauranell Bryan Thomas has her Doterra Essential Oils in this spot as well.; Ms. Bonnie sells her organic dog and cat treats; and to top it all off - some great art pieces by old friend and fellow history enthusiast - Mr. Erik Oliver.

I had an epiphany when I was talking to Ms. Lyn at the Market the other day. Kind of a “Lightbulb,” to quote Felonious Gru. “This,” I said to myself, “this IS culture.” So, there you have it, fine readers. Some great culture here in the home city. I knew I’d eventually get that one figured out! But seriously, this is a really great thing and I’ve saved the best for last. They have a “Blessings Box” that they put out in front of the store. Folks can donate items and they are there, free of charge, for anyone needing it. That’s a beautiful thing.

Thanks for reading. So long!