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The Alcovy Telegraph: Correspondence of Covington & News of Newton
McCart Marshall---WEB

Howdy, folks. Another week in the book in our fair city, and my word, it was another great one. That's just life in the COV and the home county. 

Naturally a big item of discussion 'round here was the Independence Day celebration we had on July the 4th. By all accounts it was another top-notch event, as it always seems to be. The music, as I'm told, was glorious. Amy Rae, per usual, just killed it, and Covington's all-star band, Drive Time, put in another epic set.

And the fireworks. Wow! Maybe one of the most impressive displays ever seen. It lasted so long, and it was so loud! And how about that finale? Man, they just keep raising the bar.

Another major point of conversation was the estimate on the crowd. It became quite the thing on the book on Wednesday. I'd seen an estimate of about 6,000 from one person; another thought it was more like 30,000. The truth, as it often seems to be, was somewhere in the middle. I reached out to several folks who were in attendance, and by using a weighted adjustment formula, reconciled that there were upwards of 12,000 to 15,000 people in town if you include the folks up and down Highway 278 and some of the other pockets around town in addition to the square.

And the city and the CPD did a jam-up job with the public safety and especially the post-event traffic plan. The city workers even had things looking like there hadn't even been an event by 8 a.m. Wednesday.

After Hours 

Well as many of you probably know, Covington and Newton County have an incredible music scene. As many have said for many moons, there just seems to be something in the water. On any given week, a local music lover can pick and choose from literally dozens of different shows of different bands at upwards of 20 different music venues. We are so fortunate.

One that, this writer is super stoked about is Campbell Harrison's new album release party this Saturday night at The Listening Room at Irish Bred Pub. Now I've written about Campbell a few times in "Marshall's Music Minute," and as you may remember - I'm a real big fan.

Ever since Stan Harrison dropped off a copy of his first EP, "Behind Glass," I've really been impressed with this young fella. With definite Americana and Folk sounds, Campbell infuses a lot of Southern Rock soul and feel but has a keen eye for song construction and development with some Pop sensibilities. With his strong voice, good lyrics and always top-notch instrumentation, it makes for a very good sound.

For Saturday's show, he'll be doing some tracks off the new record, "Dreamer in a Bottle." He'll also be doing a set with his main project these days, The Harrison Dills Trio, in which he'll be joined by two other true talents of our area - Harley and Owen Dills. There will also be a set by Atlanta group Tray Dahl & the Jugtime Ragband. This is shaping up to be quite the night!

Per usual, there will be shows all around at places like Amici, Mystic, The Speakeasy, Lahrceny Tavern, PB&G, Five O'Clock and several more. 

Food, Shopping & Dining 

It's pretty funny. I'll always be talking to folks and they'll say how they recently saw my Dad, and almost always, it will have been at the grocery store. And usually it's always a different grocery store. The man likes going to grocery stores.

Well, I am my Father's son and as the years go by, I find myself going to grocery stores frequently. In fact, this past Wednesday I actually hit three in one day. What can I say? I like going to grocery stores.

I finally got up to the Publix up there off of Brown Bridge. It's all that it's cracked up to be. It is just an outstanding store. And I'm an Ingles man, especially the one on the west side. The people there know me; it feels comfortable. I like that.

And I love me some Aldi! That's just a groovy spot. Great prices, too. But perhaps my sentimental favorite is La Tampiquena, that little Mexican grocery on 278 across from Animal Medical. I love that place! And don't forget about those Tamales you can get at the back food counter. Those things are righteous. 

Thanks for reading. Until we meet again.