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Telling It Like It Is
The sights and sounds of summer, part three
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We're barely a week into summer and it’s already been an interesting one, which brings me to part three in this series, the sights of summer.

With season tickets to Six Flags and White Water, it's a safe bet we won't have a dull moment this summer. It all started with a trip to buy new swimsuits. The idea of shopping for swimsuits is not my idea of fun -- guys only have one area to cover, but for ladies it's a different story. Finding something that covers, conceals and flatters is next to impossible, but it seemed to provide loads of laughter for my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter insisted I needed a bikini but soon saw the voice of reason and we settled on a modest one piece.

As much as I wanted a cute and colorful little number, polka dots and a ruffled tutu won out. They picked out sunglasses and a hat before declaring me ready for sand and surf. I look like I stepped out of another era but after just one trip to the water park, I found out how wrong I was. One look around at the water park and I realized I fit in just fine --it seems there is no “swimwear etiquette” and pretty much anything and everything goes, so I just might go back and get that bikini. After all there is this little thing called a “cover up,” but a lot of folks haven't caught on to this yet. It didn't take long for me to decide if I don't make it to the beach, this was close enough for me.

The thought of relaxing by the pool with a good book was very appealing, but just relaxing and watching the scenery gave me plenty inspiration for my own little novel.

Besides, the grandbabies had other ideas in mind and before I knew it I was floating down Lazy River, running through water sprinklers, sliding down water toboggans and riding the wave pool. I think the grandkids had fun with Meme, especially since I didn't get stuck in my inner tube or need lifeguard assistance like some grandparents we saw.

As if the water park didn't provide enough fun and entertainment, I soon found more when we took a trip to Six Flags.

The big kids and the little kids were begging me to go on all the rides, but lucky for me, Six Flags has certain requirements for riding roller coasters that I don't meet -- height and age. Getting out of that was a piece of cake or so I thought. When I protested against riding the Ninja and Mind Bender you couldn't tell the grown kids from the grandkids. One trip on the kiddie roller coaster just about did this Meme in.

As soon as the grandbabies discovered ‘Bugs Bunny's Toon Town' and everybody's favorite, The Monster Mansion, they were happy campers. I lost count how many times we went round and round on the carousel and other kiddie rides but who's keeping count anyway? Then they discovered a 'kiddie size roller coaster' that did everything but turn upside down in a record breaking 22 seconds flat and of course, Meme had to ride every time. We finally cooled off and got drenched with a trip down Thunder River but we didn't mind a bit. One of the other grandmother's on board was ready with her hooded rain poncho and was the only one not dripping wet.

I'm hoping next time we stick with something a little more family-friendly but there's already been talk about a trip to the zoo. That won my vote until they mentioned the reptile habitat.

Who knows what the next adventure will be but I can guarantee you there's never a dull moment in the Rowe family so stay tuned for more sights and sounds of summer.