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Savannah Webb hits The Social House
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It’s been a heck of a week for me musically, still coming down off that great Bitteroots show at the Iris Bred’s Listening Room, and preparing to play a show, myself, with Sweet Harmony at that very same spot.

I'm really looking forward to it, and the big week of music that comes after Sweet Harmony’s performance with Drew Parker. Here are some of the highlights around town:

Featured Shows

Chris, Jon and Scott performing Thursday, July 21 at Mystic Grill, 1116 Clark Street, SW, Covington at 7 p.m.
This talented trio returns to the Mystic Grill to bring their fun, eclectic and exciting sound to the rooftop. As I've mentioned before, these guys run the gambit — classic rock, soul, 90s alternative, and a whole bunch more. The fellas mix it up, too. On one song, you might have Jon and Chris both playing on guitar, and on another song Chris might be on percussion. I think people sometimes forget how good Jon can sing, especially since Chris is such a talented singer. Jon can throw down on those 90s tunes, no doubt. And his Dad, Scott, is always holding it down with those awe-inspiring bass lines. The trio always performs a killer show.

High Charity performs Friday, July 22 at Amici, Covington, 1116 College Avenue, Covington at 8 p.m.

This crew is just great. Big Led Zeppelin fans with an appreciation for a lot of other genres, they are very talented.

Comprised of members Spencer Healy and Ryan Carlton, High Charity does a lot of 70s and 90s covers with some originals. I also have a personal connection to them, as a rock band I used to play with back in the day, The Cool Swap, did a few shows with High Charity in Athens back in the mid-2000s when they were still a full band. We always enjoyed seeing them play. This should be a groovy night on College Avenue.

BEAU + LUCI performs Saturday, July 23 at The Listening Room at Irish Bred Pub, 1115 Church Street, Covington at 9 p.m.

Based out of Waycross, these two sisters are really making a name for themselves throughout the entire Southeast. An Americana band, they describe their sound as "home-cooked folk, blues...and roots rock." Influences include Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, and The Civil Wars. They've been hitting Nashville, have played multiple times at Eddie's Attic and some other high-profile venues, and are starting to get some pretty serious radio airplay. I've listened to a few of their songs, and it's excellent. This should be a really good show and you can expect them to play several tunes from their latest album, "Long Way Home."

Featured Performance

Savannah Webb performs Saturday July 23 at The Social House, 2101 Main Street at 9 p.m.

I first heard about Webb when someone came into the shop right after my first column came out and told me that I needed to check her out. Well, I did, and I was quite impressed with her sound, songwriting and voice. We've covered her in passing a couple of times in this space, but I had the chance to do a phone interview with Webb and got to know a lot more about her.

A native of Greensboro, Webb now resides next door in Morgan County. She's been singing all of her life and mentions singing in the school chorus as a major part of her development as an artist. She's been a practicing musician for about four years now has played a lot of shows, particularly in and around Madison, Greensboro, and the Lake Oconee and Sinclair areas. She's recently been making inroads into the east metro Atlanta area and has been getting her sound out there and growing her fan base.

She says her three biggest influences are Janis Joplin, Etta James, and Susan Tedeschi. That's a pretty cool mix in this writer's opinion. Her sound is described as Southern Rock and Blues, but she prefers not to use labels or genres. In her words, "it's a very wide spectrum...just real music with soul." In terms of newer groups or artists she likes and listens to, she mentions Adele and Blackberry Smoke. You can hear those influences in her sound and voice. Very soulful, it's a nice listening experience.

For this show Saturday down in the lovely mill village, she'll have her lead guitarist and musical collaborator, Josh Connor, with her. Connor is a superb picker, and he usually writes the music to go along with Webb’s lyrics. It seems to be a really good musical partnership as evidenced by several of her originals that I've listened to, which are all really good tunes. These songs can be found on her EP that she'll have available for sale on Saturday. You can learn more on Facebook at @theSavannahWebbBand.

That's it for this one. Hope everyone has a great week and we'll see you back here next week. Thanks for reading.