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Residents clean up Newton’s west side
Newton Cares
Newton Cares, Inc. hosts a community cleanup Saturday, Nov. 4. - photo by Staff Report

COVINGTON, Ga – Residents of Newton County’s west side showed community pride through a community cleanup, organized by Newton-Cares and Kappa Alpha Psi national fraternity, Saturday, Nov. 4.

Newton Cares
Newton Cares, Inc. volunteers help clean up Newton County's west side. - photo by Staff Report

The three-hour cleanup, completed by youths and other residents, made a huge difference along Salem Road from Old Salem Road to Spring Road then along Kirkland Road from Salem Road to Womack Road.

The event was organized by Newton-Cares, Inc., a local nonprofit group, and the local branch of Kappa Alpha Psi national fraternity.  Enthusiastic members of “East Metro 4 Social Justice,” another nonprofit group, assisted the cleanup.  The neighborhood Kroger Supermarket allowed the use of its dumpster for collected trash. 

“Keep Covington Newton Beautiful” (KCNB), a local nonprofit, supported the cleanup by providing plastic bags, gloves and other cleaning utensils.  KCNB has a long record of promoting a cleaner Covington/Newton.  Its ongoing support of local residents and businesses has shown positive impact.

Newton-Cares was astonished by the neglect along Salem Road and has worked with Newton County officials and local merchants such as Kroger Supermarket and Family Dollar to make West Newton’s busiest roadway more attractive for residents and businesses.  Newton-Cares seeks to get more residents and local businesses to jump on board.

Participants had a great time. Passersby showed community pride by honking in support.  The residents were happy with the results of their labor and all pledged additional projects.