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To know Jesus
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Why are you attracted to Jesus? One author suggests that we are attracted to Jesus because He is the real deal.

That is His walk matched His talk. Some are attracted to Him because of the way He believes in us and brings out our potential. Another reason given is that He is joyful, positive and charismatic (if you will).

In spite of obvious obstacles, He is never side tracked. A more popular reason still is that in Jesus we find tender compassion. In Jesus we find the humility of a servant yet He possesses the power of the almighty.

While we know and believe He is the Son of God (God the Son), I would like to suggest there is one more reason we are attracted to Jesus — this one more than any other reason: Jesus is the one who brings us face to face with our heavenly Father and into the same intimate relationship with the Father He has.

To know Jesus is to know the Father (Jn. 14:6-10). Those who are attracted to Jesus know what they expect from Jesus — and they are glad to receive it! “Now when Jesus returned, a crowd welcomed him, for they were all expecting him.” (Lk 8:40) Are you attracted to Jesus? What are you expecting from your relationship with Him?

Dr. William Burnham is pastor of Point of Grace Church in Covington. He can be reached at