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Time to stop underhanded ways
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Do you remember your first Led Zepplin album?

Their first album had a song on it, "Your Time is Gonna Come," that had the line: "Lying, cheating, hurting, that’s all you seem to do."

I thought of that line when Wikileaks released the "cablegate" documents. The stash of diplomatic cables shows the United States or rather its diplomats, have been lying, cheating and hurting for at least the last 40-plus years.

Curious how every time there is a "leak," the news is always about lying, cheating and hurting. We never discover that our diplomats have been violating the law to smuggle out human rights refugees, or working to overthrow tyrants. Or at least siding with the poor and dispossessed.

True, the government, Democrats and Republicans, are quick to say it was all done on our behalf.

Whatever the outrage, we (that is the voters who put them in office) just don’t understand. And they can’t explain, because that is a secret, too.

I don’t mean to be rude, but that simply isn’t true.

Our government has never harbored a Nazi war criminal on my behalf. Nor has it looked the other way while the Israeli or other governments violated the rights of others for me.

Nor is that "just the way it is."

We are a free people and we can choose differently.

So can our representatives. Will that cause tyrants and oppressors around the world discomfort?

I certainly hope so. And I hope we can fill our jails to overflowing with our citizens who collaborated with them.

From what I have heard about the cablegate documents, we need to clean our own house. "We did it for you," needs to become the new "orders are orders."

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever acceptable.