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Redman: An Unchanging God
Redman Issac---WEB

Through history we see world powers shift and change along with the balance of leading nations, which becomes undoubtedly inevitable as time goes on.

The economy fluctuates as much as the cultures change.

 One nation rises, another falls.

 A leader takes control, another loses it.

Nationalism strengthens in one hemisphere, and shrinks in the other.

 Diverse people pull together for a common cause, common people split apart because of diversity.

Generations tussle with technological advances and cultural change as well as principles of morality. And when one prominent social group shifts in any form, there is much potential for a continuing global domino effect. 

Eventually, the world and its politics will take a turn. At some point, the economy will shift. Over time, the cultures will change. We have to live in a society that is susceptible to change, and must understand there is a measure of uncertainty to life as we know it. 

This notion is easy to neglect when our lives seem so stable, and so very often we place our trust in things not guaranteed to last. So then, many successful people have built a staircase of building blocks that allows them to climb up and attain their goals, and now sit atop a platform that seems very stable. However, if anyone reads about the outcome of the average broker after the infamous date of October 29th 1929 when the stock market crashed, you will find that the many building blocks stacked underneath their platform of success was instantly ripped from the footing and broken into pieces with no chance of return. This incident left these poor families with no home, and no hope.

What will you do when you lose your job? 

What will happen when our nation comes under attack? 

Is there an answer for the moment you find out your child has gone off the deep end and plunged into the filth of the drug and culture?

Who will you trust when your family betrays you and your friends let you down?

There is no earthly refuge that contains absolute answers. Definite stability is nowhere to be found. What blocks have you placed beneath you that may crumble at any given moment? 

At the end of the day, only one truth remains. There is only one truth that we can absolutely, without a doubt, whole-heartedly trust with everything we have. This truth is we can trust God. In everything we do, we can trust Him. Why? 

Because God will not change like everything else will. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What has has been for a reason. What is, He wills it to be. What will be...He knows and is sovereign over it. God wins every time. 

With this being said we need to ask ourselves; are we on His side or not? God doesn't get on our side. He only did that when Jesus came, lived, and died for our sins, and these sins are on the wrong side...the losing side. After Jesus had remained perfect yet still carried our sins to the crucifixion, He then was resurrected and returned forever to the right side…the righteous side. Now, we have an opportunity to trust in Jesus as our Savior so that He can wipe away our ugly sins and we can get on the right side...His side. 

The famous verse of John 3:16 states that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him does not perish, but has everlasting life.” Jesus is telling us that we will perish if we do not know Him as our personal Lord and Savior.

So, I am asking you, are you on God's side? If not, when this unstable world around you crashes, you will go down with it. However, if you are; no matter what happens in your life, in this nation, to your finances, or with your family, God will be there. He will be your refuge. He will be your strength. 

Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone, cannot be broken. Use God and His word to build the blocks to your success, and you will remain successful in His sight, and you can trust the foundation beneath you.

In times of instability, He is stable. 

When times are changing, He remains the same. Therefore, it is necessary and appropriate for us to have a stable relationship with Him, an unchanging faith, and a steadfast trust that He will deliver us from evil.

I thank God that He has loved me and His people from the beginning through the end. I praise Him for His unchanging holiness.