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Owens: Let's not go Dutch
Owen E Chip---WEB

As an 80s baby, I remember a very popular show called “Love Connection” where a person would watch three video introductions and choose a date from the three. The audience would choose one as well. The couple would go on the date and report back to the studio audience the outcome of the date and whether or not they'd be going on a second date. One thing that is interesting now that I was too young to think about then, is who covered the dates? One thing that is common with dating shows is the show will pay for the dates. The two people are not responsible. Outside of the world of television, people go on dates every day. In a time that is quickly passing where chivalry is normative, the man would pick up the tab for a date. However, in recent times, many people have started going Dutch.

The term go Dutch is referred to when a person asks someone on a date, but the bill is either spit in half or each person pays for their own meals. This is a way for a person to enjoy the experience of the date without the responsibility. Not only do people ask for Dutch dates, but some people will ask you to go on a date or to go out with them and when the bill comes they look at you to pay for what they wanted to do. They enjoy the experience of your money, but you still have to cover the cost.

One of the hottest button issues in our country is the controversy over health care. More than the kerfuffle of foreign interference, secret meetings with Russian diplomats or the potential hire of a new FBI director; Senators and congress people are fighting over universal healthcare. This isn't a new issue. This stretches back to the times of Jesus. In Mark Chapter 5, A woman with preexisting conditions had spent all of her money with traditional and alternative medicines and now was physically worse. She heard that universal healthcare was available and since she had no money she was eligible for Medicaid. She had heard about a physician who was available and there was no copay involved. She tries this method and experiences total restoration in her life and finds that her bills were all covered at 100 percent. In this same chapter we find Jesus attending to a patient who arguably could have been an opioid addict or mental health patient who the text literally says is uncovered as he is naked in the tombs, finds himself covered and healed via universal healthcare. In the last part of the chapter we find a young girl who also is covered by this universal healthcare.

Now 2,000 years later, we find that the affordable care act was signed into law and instead of improving on what was put in place, the more conservative voices now have decided that it would be better to totally take it away. Instead of looking at the insurance companies and regulating them, they say repeal the law itself leaving millions of people uncovered. The insurance companies, instead of paying and covering bills, would rather you go Dutch. This is how the insurance companies are trying to get over on you. They want you to pay high deductibles and premiums with less coverage. Health insurance has nothing to do with people’s health, it is a means of making money. Money is more important than lives.

If we go along with the erred premise that America is a Christian nation, we must revisit what it means to be authentically Christian. Jesus took care of the people who needed it the most. If people needed help, he gave it to them. There is nowhere in scripture where anyone can find Jesus denying people access to coverage or left them to fend for themselves. If we are to show Christ like compassion, we to must allow it to be seen in our walk and in our systems. Too many people have and will pay the price for something they shouldn't be going Dutch for. The major problem is not in the legislation, though it could be tweaked. The problem rests with companies that enjoy your money with no responsibility. Let's not go Dutch. Let's be covered and cover those that need it. This week, do good, do no harm and stay in love with the divine.