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Jockeying is for small people
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Just a Thought: Jockeys are typically small people. Interestingly enough typically so are those people who spend much of their time “jockeying” for position (regardless of their physical size).

You know the people who “hob knob” with the elite in hopes of winning favors, gaining position, getting some selfish benefits. They find themselves looking for and hanging with only certain types, others are viewed as “beneath them.”

Jesus tells the story (parable) of those who will be present in God’s kingdom banquet, after observing this very scene of people selfishly jockeying for position at a dinner He is attending. Noticing each person trying to get the best seats, and sit next to the guest or host of honor. Jesus points out their hypocrisy and pride and reveals the kingdom of heaven is not going to full of the “uppity ups.”

It isn’t about who you know, or who you sit next to. Who can pay you back or show you favor. That stuff is left for the small people of pride. Jesus explains that kingdom of heaven will have a wide variety of people there; some well to do and some not so well to do, people from all walks of life. So before we let our jockeying for position in this world make us “short” sighted, selfish and insensitive to everyone except those we think will be good for us, let’s remember Jesus wants us to know the Father is more interested in having a house full of those who want to be there with Him.

The invitations He and we are to be extending are less about the “who’s who” and more about the “whosoever wills”.

"Then the master told his servant, 'Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full.” (Luke 14:23) Let’s not spend our days jockeying for position on this earth, but rather a better use of our time would be to join Jesus in inviting every person to meet us in the Father’s house (not just those we think will be good for us).