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Happy Boxing Day
Pocket Devotional
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 Did your calendar come with preprinted holidays? Mine did. When I flipped it to December, I came across an unfamiliar event: Dec. 26, Boxing Day. A little digging and I discovered that it has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. It’s all about giving.

 Here’s what I found in an Internet resource called Wikipedia: "Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population. It is based on the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate members of society."

 What a neat idea. I know, it sounds just like what we have been doing this past month. Giving trees, canned food barrels and clothing drives have graced our community. I didn’t think that I had anything else to give until this morning, when I heard myself saying, "I don’t know where to put all of this stuff." My son wasn’t sure that new inventory of toys would fit on his shelves. Later, when I reached for a towel in our linen closet, I was greeted by an avalanche of blankets. Hmmmm….Maybe I could look one more time to see if there’s anything to give.

 We live in a land of abundance. Even during these uncertain times, many of us have plenty of stuff and then some. Poverty is not seasonal. It’s a continual need. I’m going to let Boxing Day kick off a new tradition. Each time that I receive a gift or treat, I’m going to see if there’s something that I can donate.

 Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7 NIV).

 Lord, thank you for the countless blessings that you’ve bestowed. Teach me how to have a generous heart like yours.