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Faith one step at a time
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Jesus said, "I assure you that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Go from here to there,’ and it will go. There will be nothing that you can’t do."

Matthew 17:20b

(Common English Bible)

Have you ever dreamt that you could fly? Or do phenomenal feats of daring? When I was a little girl, my cousin and I would play, running around the yard and the neighborhood, pretending that we were superheroes.

I also remember taking bed sheets and jumping from the porch onto the ground, pretending that I was a commando dropping behind enemy lines. Yes, we had vivid imaginations!

Was it so far-fetched, though? Of course, neither of us had superhero capes or powers, but we have both grown up in a world that needs our help. Somehow, in gaining an "adult perspective," have we lost that innocent belief that we could do all things that needed to be done?

This week, I met with a person in this community who is actively living out that "superhero" life. Several years ago, God put a passion for feeding hungry children in her heart, and without knowing where it would lead, she believed God would give her what she needed to meet the task.

With God’s help, a lot of work, and a lot of volunteers, now many hungry children in the county get hot meals during summer months when school is not in session.

A few weeks ago, God put a passion in the hearts of a few volunteers, and they asked questions, got answers and became part of the solution.

While none of us had the necessary skills to solve this problem, we prayed, having faith that God would supply both the wisdom and the opportunity to help.

We might get overwhelmed sometimes at the amount of need in the world. When we read the news about starving people all over the world, we wonder how the little we can do will even help or make a difference.

But here’s a lesson of these words of Jesus: We don’t have to solve world hunger, but we have to have faith, and God can use our little faith to change a life and to make a difference for one person. If we each help one person, what an impact we can make! All it takes is the tiny bit of faith.

We don’t have to be superheroes to solve the world’s problems. We just have to be willing to help one person. We can all do something.

What need is God giving you a passion to help solve? Will you take the first step and say, "Here I am, Lord. Send me"?

Rev. Jan McCoy is the associate pastor of Covington First United Methodist Church in downtown Covington. She may be reached at