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Burnham: Lady wisdom
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"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. (Prov 31:10)

How intimidating it would be to stand side by side with perfection in a room full of mirrors. Every flaw we have would be drastically exposed. I imagine it is much like a woman reading Prov. 31. So lets take a different look at this passage ladies. First, there is a difference between "perfection" and "exemplification." In other words, instead of comparing oneself to the virtuous woman, use her as an example to which you model your character and inward beauty after.

Second, many commentators actually believe she is not really a woman at all, but rather "lady wisdom" or wisdom. In this case men and woman can see and learn from her how to live a life of wisdom (This is never a bad thing). Finally, rather than running scared from her, let's look to her for training and instruction on how to be a godly lady - one who fears the Lord, hates evil, restrains her lips and controls her tongue, is emotionally stable with a listening ear and teachable spirit. These are wonderful examples and characteristics to implement in the life of a lady. Don't fear her, befriend her, she is not looking down her nose at you; rather she is offering a hand up.

Ladies, don't focus on perfection, focus on being godly. None of us will ever be perfect, but we can all become people of great worth!

Dr. William Burnham is a pastor at Point of Grace Church in Covington. He can be reached at