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Burnham: Examine your heart
Just a Thought
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How’s your heart?

No not your physical one, your spiritual heart.

Jesus said there are those among us with heart problems, and they may not know who they are, but there is clear evidence that can be observed. According to His parable (sermon illustration) of the sower and the seed, there are some among us who are suffering from “hardening of the heart” that is to say, their hearts are like concrete. They attend church, hang out with Christians, and even at times are involved right there in the mix. But the evidence is clear; their heart is cold and hard to the truth of God’s word (the seed) so they remain unmoved, unrepentant and unsaved. Some among us are suffering from “shallow heart syndrome” that is, they only appear to receive the truth of God’s word sometimes even with impulsive joy. Yet again the evidence is clear, it is all superficial as they are easily turned away, distracted and wither up.

Some among us are suffering from abnormal heart beats (the busy heart) that is they have hearts that race after so much that they have little time to pencil in time for the word or things of God as a priority.

The evidence once again stands out as they can’t hear the word of God over the noise of their fast pace and therefore they cannot be productive or fruitful. But finally some among us have hearts that are just right for hearing, receiving and responding to the word of God and the evidence is clear here as well for these are the ones walking in obedience and producing spiritual fruit. As is our human nature, we want to look around and see whose heart we can help, but don’t look around, look with in, and see what the evidence says about your own heart. As Jesus
said; “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Lk 8:8) [and take action is implied].

Dr. William Burnham is pastor of Point of Grace Church in Covington. He can be reached at