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Angels incognito
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"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" (Ps 91:11 NIV).


Mom has always said that everyone has a guardian angel. Someone continuously prays for you and nudges you to stay close to God. Two weeks ago, Mom’s angel called in the troops.

A malicious stroke tried, in vain, to capture her mind and spirit. Paralysis and loss of speech were not able to squelch Mom’s sense of humor and determination.

Each member of the battalion brought their arsenal to rescue her. Some carried stethoscopes, lab reports and guidance. Others hand delivered warm meals and soothing sponge baths. Silent and unwavering, they surrounded her. They swept the floor beneath her bed, brought fresh linens and monitored the machines that measured each breath. When they spoke, their voices revealed birthplaces from Ethiopia, Hong Kong, India and the United States. Each warrior tenderly strengthened her.

They even sent reinforcements for our family. Hugs, cards and meals flowed. And each afternoon we would join other families who were camped in the waiting room. Gentle warriors rolled in trays of homemade cookies.

So Mom continued to fight. Little things like swallowing water and grabbing a spoon were cause for celebration. Setbacks and complications invited everyone to climb on an emotional rollercoaster. But God’s army kept fighting.

To our amazement, she has been moved to the rehabilitation wing of the hospital. The army of angels has grown. In the military, they refer to these folks as specialists. In this battle, they are commonly known as family, therapists, lab technicians, food service workers, custodians, volunteers, nurses and doctors.

 The miracle is not just in Mom’s healing. It is in the witness of hundreds of moments of compassion, hope and grace.

 No one is immune to life’s tragedies. I feel so blessed that God has drawn people to strengthen us. I only hope that I can serve as a reminder that God is ever present.


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