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Pine Valley Mission closes

The Pine Valley Mission closed its doors on Sunday, July 26 after serving the community for nearly 25 years.

A final program was held Sunday for the current participants along with many that the mission had assisted in the past. A farewell service followed the program, along with a dinner of pizza. Three of the mission’s original founders, Allison Kelley, Linda Pace and Harry Long, were also in attendance.

The mission’s focus has always been the need of underprivileged children, and it helped those in need by furnishing school supplies, school clothing, shoes and winter coats throughout the school year. By 2003, the mission had given out more than 5,000 pairs of new shoes. The mission also has helped thousands of families with rent and electric payments, along with grocery bills, and even had a room rented at the old Crest Motel for the needs of homeless community members.

Pine Valley has also furnished large quantities of head lice medicine, tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoos and other personal needs to help those who needed it.

One memory of helping those in need stands out to the founders, in particular. One day in the late 1990s, the mission was faced with six homeless families sitting on the bank on Hwy. 36. The families were evicted due to disputed rent payments and trailer conditions. Newotn County Clerk of Superior Court Linda Hayes, who was aware of the situation, took her staff and along with the mission, made phone calls all day and found the families a place to stay by evening.