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New summer day camp inspires young girls
Robinson opens registration for her 2017 Summer Camp that inspires girls to become entrepreners

Camp Girls Building Businesses (GBB) is a summer day camp for girls between the ages of 7 to 14. The camp focuses on educating, empowering and encouraging young girls to build their own, successful businesses.

Shanika Robinson, an alumna of both Indian Creek and Eastside High School, founded the camp last year and made 18 young girls into successful business owners through the program.

At Camp GBB, girls create their own business plan that includes marketing and sales strategies, financial analyses, and business management planning. They create real products and marketing materials, and learn how to present their businesses to potential customers in a professional manner. At the end of camp, the girls open up their very own business, sell their product, and keep the money they earn.

“I believe too many girls are being taught how to make other people’s dreams become a reality rather than being taught how to make their own come true,” Robinson said. “My mother is a successful entrepreneur, and taught me the importance and benefits of owning a business at a young age. My vision is to share all I’ve learned about entrepreneurship with young girls and women across the globe to inspire them to do what they love.”

Robinson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a BA in business management. She is also recipient of UGA’s NAACP Outstanding Community Service Award in 2015; and is also a member of the American Camp Association. Shanika founded Camp GBB in 2015 to further her vision of spreading the knowledge of entrepreneurship to girls and women across the globe. The main goal of her summer day camp is to educate, empower and encourage young girls to become successful businesses owners while gaining confidence through success.

Camp GBB’s 2017 Summer Day Camp will be held during the weeks of June 5 and June 16 at 954 S. Main St. NE, Suite 100, Conyers, Ga 30012. For more information on how to register or to become a sponsor, visit or email