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Marshall's Music Minute: Chris, Jon and Scott of Drive Time should not be missed
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I'm going to do a two-fer in this week.

Chris, Jon and Scott Live at Amici Covington, 1116 College Ave., on Friday February 26.Music usually starts up around 7 p.m.

Chris, Jon and Scott, all three of Drive Time fame, will be playing their usual once a month show at Amici. These guys are just so good. Killer guitar work from Jon, super-smooth vocals by Chris, and head-turning bass lines by Scott will grab your attention quicker than a three-legged dog. Plus, their variety of music is so impressive. The last set of theirs I caught, they did a Stevie Wonder tune and then followed it up with an epic version of Foo Fighters' Everlong. These guys are tight, y'all!

Amici always holds a special place in my heart. In various groups, projects and shows (C-town Music Revue, anybody?), I think I've played there upwards of about 70 times dating back to 2006. It's like home. And the fried artichoke hearts are a revelation! Also, I may or may not regularly drink their ranch dressing. Like, literally. It's really good! Great bar staff as well.

Chris, Jon and Scott Live at The Social House, 2101 Main St., on Saturday February 27 at 9 p.m.

The fellas are gonna be heading south down Hwy 81 to that lovely mill village of Porterdale the next night for a gig at The Social House. Covering the same group two nights in a row? Why, yes, that's just the way it's gotta be sometimes. And they are that good! And as I've mentioned in this space before, I really am a big fan of The Social House. Great vibe, good people, and an impressive bar. This should be a killer show.

The Depot Bar and Grill on Hwy 81/Emory St. right by the railroad tracks is my featured venue this week.

While most of the places I’ve covered have been more acoustic-oriented, when the time comes to get your rock on, The Depot is definitely a good place to go. When you walk in and smell the years of spilled beer and liquor and cigarette smoke, you find yourself transformed and transfixed -- ready to rock and let it rip!

I haven't been to the old place as much the last few years but I did stumble by to watch The Peeled Onions a few weeks back. Man, those guys are so good. Perhaps the best bar band in the great state of Georgia!

The Depot has done some renovations and the place is looking pretty good these days. Like Amici, I always get a feeling of nostalgia as I've played a lot of shows in that place dating back to 2003. Anybody remember The Cosmic Rednecks? A lot of fond -- and some not so fond -- memories in that joint. Also, they've got a few pool tables in there as well. It's always a good time and they usually have some pretty rockin' bands on the weekends.

Tedo Stone is the feature artist this week.

A while back on Facebook, someone, who was in their forties, said they wanted to be like Tedo Stone when they grew up. I hit “like” on that one; it also made me LOL? Tedo is something special, for sure. He truly is a talented guy.

He's been really hitting the music hard for several years now. He's released one EP and has just released his second full- length album, "Marshes." It is a great record.

Tedo has played all over: Atlanta, New Orleans, Charleston, New York and many spots in between. He's gotten some good radio time and some serious print in multiple musical media outlets. The fella really is the real deal. Great voice and stage presence, and someone that can give yours truly a run for their money with guitar chops. But the kicker is his song-writing abilities. It's too legit to quit. And he comes by it honestly -- some of you may remember his Dad making music back in the day, and I play with his brother in a side project as well. Learn more at or search for him on Facebook.

Marshall wears many hats, but being a musician and musical enthusiast are chief among them.