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Mama Mia, a blissful getaway
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All of us from time to time nowadays feel a certain element of stress. I found a way to relieve mine this past week as Molly, myself and our granddaughter traveled up to the fabled Fox Theater and caught the current production of Mamma Mia.

This musical is set on a Greek island and tells the story of a young woman who is about to marry and wants to know who her real father is; the complication she finds out is that there are three possible choices for the honor.

The story has a happy ending, which in today’s world is a pleasant thing indeed.

We had seen the stage production a few years ago at the Orange County Performing Arts Theater in California, and this current production was just as good. After all how could you refrain from tapping your feet and clapping your hands to the upbeat music of ABBA?

Chelsea Williams was a great choice to play the part of daughter Ali, with her mom played by Georgia Kate Haege, an Australian who has one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard.

The rest of the cast, especially the two best friends of the Mom, were entertaining and at times very funny.

If you don’t have anything already planned for today, you can still make plans to see this show which has been seen by 45 million people worldwide there are two performances today. One at 1 p.m. and the last one at 6:30 p.m.
Speaking of the Fox, this is the 40th year celebrating the historic theater being saved from becoming a parking lot.
There are many special activities planned this year to celebrate this occasion.

Visiting the Fox is like stepping back in history. The iconic décor and the beautiful ceiling remeniscent of being outside at a desert oasis is breathtaking.

Some upcoming shows include the ‘Phantom’ and ‘Dirty Dancing.’

Upcoming is the Australian ‘Pink Floyd show’ on Oct. 10.

If you go to the Fox Theater, arrive early, buy a glass of wine and take the time to enjoy a time in history when life was a little slower and people were a little nicer and dreams still came true.