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What do seniors want?
Senior Center

Seniors want simple. They have lived long enough to know what is important and what is not, as well as what they like and what they do not. Seniors have a very basic and fundamental list.

Seniors want people to get along, come together, and use common sense. They want to be included in society and be remembered. They want to be taken seriously because they are still human beings living full lives. They want their politicians to take note that they are active voters who stay informed and clearly recall the promises made to them. Seniors want peace and unity in the world and especially in their local community. Most importantly, seniors want to be loved.

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but there is no reason to stop sharing the love, especially with seniors. It does not cost anything to say hello, wish someone a good day, ask how they are, or just sit and listen to them. Kindness is often free but highly valued.

The fear of being forgotten or being pushed aside and simply dismissed is far too common among the elderly population. However, it only takes a few small gestures to help alleviate this fear.  Start with time. Invest time with a senior: go visit, take them to lunch, thank a veteran, call, and send a note in the mail. Seniors like to receive mail that does not contain bills. They love cards, especially handwritten cards. Just sending a small letter in the mail can go a long way.

Seniors want to be heard. Yet oftentimes, their opinions and advice are discounted. Seniors contain vast amounts of knowledge from their many years of life experience. They have gained unique perspectives and have successfully learned to separate the important from the trivial. Consequently, they vote, but more than just vote, they keep themselves informed because they know what is at stake. Seniors pay taxes and expect their hard-earned money to fund the items they voted for such as the Senior Center expansion. Older people are motivated, and they are not willing to passively sit back. They no longer take things for granted. 

Seniors still contribute to their communities. They represent a large consumer base. They have worked for decades, and some have even fought for our freedom. Many remain active citizens in retirement. Numerous seniors volunteer with charitable organizations and institutions. They willingly give of their talents and resources. Some seniors even volunteer at the Senior Center assisting other seniors!

The bottom line is that seniors are important, and the community whether consciously or unconsciously depends on seniors. While donations are nice and certainly necessary to sustain the running of the Newton County Senior Center, spending quality time with a senior is priceless. The Senior Center seeks to provide a warm and loving environment where seniors of all walks of life can gather, have fun, and feel the respect and appreciation they deserve. However, as the saying goes, “It takes a village.” Help show a senior they are not forgotten and that they are truly cared about. It does not take much to make a big difference. Your kind word may be the only bright spot in that person’s day. 

Come visit the Senior Center! For more information please stop by or call 770-787-0038. We are located at 6183 Turner Lake Road, Covington, GA 30014.