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NMC takes pains to treat patients
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For someone living with chronic pain, the hope of relief is the first thing on their mind when they wake up and the last thing they think about when they go to sleep.

There is good news for the over 40 million Americans who are affected by chronic pain. The medical specialty of pain medicine is making giant strides with sophisticated new treatments. "I have been trained to treat pain with a focused multidisciplinary approach," said Dalton Hanowell, MD - interventional pain management specialist now on staff at Newton Medical Center.

Hanowell is the new medical director for The Interventional Pain Management Center at NMC. A graduate of Emory's Pain Medicine Fellowship Program, Dr. Hanowell received training on the latest techniques in managing painful conditions. "My goal is to give the best care possible and help patients find relief by treating the source of their pain without the debilitating effects of long-term narcotic use," he explained.

According to Hanowell, the origins of chronic pain are usually from back injuries, car accidents, sports injuries and general wear-and-tear to the joints and the spine that occur over time as we age. People may also suffer from pain because of health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, shingles and cancer.

"After I perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation to discover the cause or causes of the pain," said Hanowell, "I then design a treatment plan that is personalized to each patient." Initial treatment options offered by Dr. Hanowell may include a combination of targeted, minimally invasive procedures, medication management and physical therapy. Should more conservative measures fail, Dr. Hanowell is also trained to provide advanced treatment options including spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.

The Interventional Pain Management Center at NMC is located inside The Knox Surgical Center at 5126 Hospital Drive in Covington. Talk to your doctor about pain management with Dr. Hanowell or call to make an appointment yourself at (770) 385-4337.