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Discounted mammograms available
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The Women’s Diagnostic Center is offering mammograms at a reduced cost during October and November.

The center has coupons for mammograms at $125; the regular cost is $365. The coupons are valid through Nov. 30 for screening digital mammograms.

Ruth Walker of the Women’s Diagnostic Center said the discount is offered every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and also during May to mark Mother’s Day.

Walker said the discount is helpful for people who don’t have insurance.

The discount "includes the mammogram and radiologist fee,’’ Walker said. If a patient "has to be called back for any reason, that’s a separate charge."

For the discounted mammogram, call for an appointment at 770-385-7800. A coupon must be shown, and the $125 fee must be paid in full. The Women’s Diagnostic Center is at 4181 Hospital Drive, Suite 301.