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Covington hospital begins new strategies to improve community health
Follows completion of Community Health Assessment for areas Piedmont system serves
Piedmont Newton Front
Piedmont Newton Hospital in Covington. - photo by Special to The Covington News

COVINGTON, Ga. – Piedmont hospitals have completed their respective Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs), which is part of a regulatory responsibility as part of a not-for-profit health system, and on Nov. 15 began implementation of new strategies to improve the overall health of the communities they serve.

Piedmont’s Community Benefit team performed interviews throughout Georgia with more than 200 stakeholders, who provided insight into the particular health needs in their respective communities. 

“Piedmont exists to serve its communities and the Community Health Needs Assessment helps us to see the areas in which our resources can make a positive difference in the lives of community members who are most in need,” said Piedmont Vice President of External Affairs Thomas Worthy. 

“Piedmont empowers Georgians by helping them to reach their full potential and by being more responsive to the needs of our communities we are helping the citizens of Georgia to live healthier, fuller lives.”

Among the priorities that Piedmont’s local boards have ratified as priorities are:

Ensure affordable access to health, mental and dental care. “We will work to ensure that all community members have access to affordable health, mental and dental care, regardless of income. This includes partnerships with community-based organizations, as well as internal programming to increase access to services.”

Reduce preventable instances of and death from cancer. “We will promote both the prevention and treatment of all cancers, and especially among those most vulnerable to the disease. This includes community-based screenings and the promotion of programming meant to support community members with cancer and their families.”

Promote healthy behaviors to reduce preventable chronic conditions and diseases. “We will actively promote healthy behaviors and encourage community members to stop risky behaviors, such as smoking, as well as put forth efforts to curb obesity. This includes widespread health education and programming.”

Reduce preventable instances and death from heart disease. “We will promote both the prevention and treatment of heart disease and will emphasize early detection and healthy behaviors to help reduce risk. We will pay particular attention to populations most at risk for heart disease.”