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Bobbie Banks retires from health department

After 23 years of service to the Newton County Board of Health, Bobbie Banks announced her retirement recently.

Banks began her career as a nurse in 1946. After raising her children, she returned to work as a primary school teacher for 29 years.

She then came to work for the Newton County Board of health, returning to the profession that began her working career.

“After being away from the health profession for many years, I enjoyed being reintroduced to all the activities of public health. It was a renewal and I truly enjoyed my years on the Board of Health,” Banks said”

Dr. Lloyd Hofer, Health Director for the Newton County Health Department, praised Mrs. Banks for her service

“it has been an honor to serve alongside Mrs. Banks,” Hofer said. “Her dedicated service to the Board of Health is a testament to her compassion and commitment to improve the lives of Newton County citizens."

In addition to her role on the Newton County Board of Health, Mrs. Banks is an active volunteer across all of Newton County. In 2004, Mrs. Banks earned the R.O. Arnold Award, a high honor given annually to a Newton County citizen who makes a significant contribution to the community. She plans to continue to play an active role in the civic life of the community through her involvement with her church, the blood bank, garden, book and women's clubs.