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3 common health resolutions and how to keep them

COVINGTON, Ga. - Resolving to be healthier in 2018? Doctors at Piedmont Physicians of Social Circle and Conyers share tips on how to make three common health resolutions stick throughout the year.

1. Lose weight. One of the most common health resolutions made each year, losing weight is the top priority for most people after the holidays. “The thought of starting your weight loss journey can be daunting but the trick is to start small and set realistic goals,” Kwon Choe, M.D., primary care physician at both Piedmont Physicians of Social Circle and Conyers, said. “Commit to simple lifestyle change such as walking more or eating at restaurants less. Celebrate your wins and build upon your success by setting another goal once that lifestyle change has become a habit.”

2. Quit smoking. “If there’s one thing you can do to instantly improve your health, it is to stop smoking,” Heath Hampton, M.D., primary care physician at Piedmont Physicians of Conyers, said. “Your risk for heart disease, stroke and a host of other conditions is lowered as a result. Additionally, your lung function and circulation improve within the first few weeks of quitting.” Need help? Check out the smoking cessation resources available at Piedmont.

3. Get screened. Perhaps the easiest resolution to make and keep is to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician and get screened. “Better health starts with prevention,” Dr. Hampton said. “Conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension all are preventable. Combined with making healthy lifestyle choices, preventive screenings are some of the best things you can do to maintain good health.”

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