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Have You Ever Thought Where do you turn when you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy?
Stephens Wiley---WEB

The Newton Pregnancy Resource Center is celebrating a full year of service to our community.  At times, the greatest news in the world can be difficult to handle.  Take the news of potentially a new life coming into the world; this can also be very challenging.   At such times the mother to be needs a friend to walk with her through the new world she finds herself in. Have you ever thought, where can she turn to?

Since last August, there has been the open door at the Newton Pregnancy Resource Center.  The center is here in Covington at 6142 Gordy St.  This is just off of Highway 278. Since the Center opened last August, 185 hours have been spent between the clients and Client Advocates. The Center is for all -regardless of age, race, or religion.

The Center desires to meet this unique need with unique compassion based on the ministry of Jesus Christ.  For those that call there awaits a listening ear that will share fact based options.   The director of the Center is Dara Lynn Rieger.  She can be reached at the Center at 770-415-1172 or at  

 First, if needed they offer, at no charge, a lab-certified pregnancy test by appointment in their office.  This is to make sure what the situation is.   You can arrange this appointment by calling the Center at 770-415-1176

The center exists to serve our area by offering practical, emotional, and spiritual support to anyone dealing with the complexities of an unplanned pregnancy.  Currently they have a staff of three plus six trained Client Advocates that will work with the mother-to-be.  They are about to add ten more Client Advocates that are presently finishing a training program.   This will allow the center to deal with more clients. 

One service available through NPRC is a referral for an ultrasound at a local doctor’s office.  There is no charge for the ultrasound.  To see the unborn child and hear the heartbeat can be very helpful in supporting decisions that need to be made.

Another part of the Center’s ministry is to help inform the mother-to-be of her options.  “Earn While 

You Learn” is an educational curriculum that addresses prenatal care, parenting, relationships, and more.  The client earns points upon completing each session that can be redeemed in the Center’s resource store.  The store is stocked with new or gently used items.

If placing the child up for adoption is the choice of the mother to be, the Center works with three different adoption agencies. They can help to make the choice for the best fit for the infant and the mother to be. 

The Center describes its position as “Pro-abundant life”.  This means not only giving the support the client needs in dealing with the reality of pregnancy.  The Center’s goal is the desire to see their clients do more than just survive, the goal is to see them thrive.  Pro-abundant life means that both the life of the unborn child and the mother’s life is valued.   The goal is for both to flourish.

The Center provides maternity clothes, baby items, formula, and other items as needed during the months leading up to birth and for a few months following.  They work with the client as needed for up to six months after birth.

The Center is currently open on Monday 10 a.m. to noon, and on Wednesday 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

These days and hours will be expanded as more Client Advocates come available.                             

The Fall Benefit Dinner to support the work of the Center will be on Thursday, Nov. 16 at the Charles Elliot Wildlife Center in Mansfield.   Information about tickets and reservations will be available soon.  You can check the Center’s Website, at    

You are urged to contact the Director, Dara Lynn Rieger if you are interested in being involved with the work of the Center.  There is always a need for more trained Client Advocates.  You can also find out what is needed to be donated for the mom to be and the infant.  Of course financial support is always appreciated.

In the near future one future goal for the Center is to become a Clinic.  This means there will be a nurse on duty and the Ultrasounds could be done at this location.  The need Newton County is great.  Of the 159 counties in Georgia, we rank fifteenth in the abortion rates for the last year the statistics are available.  The good news is that those facing the issues of pregnancy have a compassionate, confidential friend waiting to take the journey with them.