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Have You Ever Thought Music is a vital part of making our Square so special?
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If you have been around the Square in Covington in the last few years, you know there is a growing vibrant sense of community.  New shops, places to eat, and other attractions have to come downtown to join the successful businesses’ in area of the Square.  Spring and summer bring great sounds to the square that give even more reasons to come and gather.

The City of Covington assumed responsivity about four years ago, to refurbish the Square and maintain it.  It is here that we gather to celebrate what it means to be a community.  We have a great time at Christmas and for the Fourth of July.   We remember our veterans on Memorial Day as well as Veterans Day.  This year, despite bad weather, we welcomed the New Year in on the Square.  And among the absolute favorites events are the spring and Summer Concerts.   These two series are the Concerts on the Square during the month of May and the monthly Downtown Covington Summer Concert Series, starting in June and running through the first of September.

The Arts Association and Main Street Covington are hosting concerts each Thursday of May at noon.  They are scheduled to run for one hour.  You are encouraged to pick up a lunch at one of the many choices around the Square or sit outside at the table of one of those offering service.  The Concerts are open to all and are free.

The first on May 4will feature the sound of Jazz with the Derwin Daniels Band.  On May 11 we will go country with the Hannah Thomas Band.  May 18 features a selection of Americana with Campbell Harrison and Friends.  The noon series will have its final concert for 2017 featuring the Blues with Bobby Swain and the Blues Generation.

What a great way to take a break from the work day or to plan to meet friends and enjoy the music and beautiful spring.   The sponsors for the Concerts on the Square are Piedmont Newton, Abbey Hospice, Newton Federal Bank, the Covington News, and Alcovy Media…   The backup location, in case of rain, is the Turner Lake Recreation Center.  You can check the Arts Association Facebook Page or the website at for updates.

When the Concerts on the Square for May come to an end, we shift to the evening for four concerts in the Downtown Covington Summer Concert Series.  Again there is not a charge for admission and you keep up with updates the same way you could for the May Series.   For all the Summer Series, except the one on July 4, the location in case of rain is Legion Field.

The first concert is on Friday, June 9 at 7 p.m.  The night will open with the 14Kk Gold Band and feature the Tams Band.  The sounds of Motown will fill the evening.    On Friday Aug. 11, the sounds of Motown will again fill the evening, but add “Pop and Rock.”  The band for the evening is The Grapevine Band.  The final Friday concert for the Summer Series will be on September 8th with the Drive Time Band being featured.

July was not among the months I gave for the Summer Concert Series.   The July event is unique because instead of coming on a Friday evening, it comes on the Fourth of July.  The Fourth this year comes on Tuesday.   The opening for the Concert that night will stir the soul as performing will be the Springfield Baptist Church.  One of the great part of the Fourth for our community is our own Newton County Community Band.  The Band is sponsored by the Arts Association.  It is led by Alan Fowler, the Band Director at Eastside High School. Its ranks are filled with volunteers of all ages. 

Of course the evening of the Fourth will end with a spectacular Fireworks Show.  What a way to end the day we celebrate our birth as a free nation. The time for the concert is 6 p.m.

Mark your calendar now for both the noon Concerts on the Square in May and the Friday nights and July 4 for the summer evenings.  There are many reasons to come the Square, but these concerts sponsored by the Arts Association of Newton County and Main Street of Covington will give you another great reason to gather downtown.