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Three years ago, the Bread and Butter Bakery opened for business on the corner of Monticello and Reynolds Streets. From the day the doors opened, it offered a variety of bread and baked goods. A particular favorite has been its cinnamon rolls. However, the small space proved inadequate as the variety of goods offered grew.

Soon the apartment above the bakery was transformed into a second kitchen where sandwiches and other food items were produced. Of course, there was no place for a customer to sit and there was barely room behind the counter for two people.

In order to offer a greater variety of goods and services, the “little” bakery has moved to the Square at the corner of Washington and Monticello streets. There are all new features —grab to go lunches, to take with you or to eat there; a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads; bagels, croissants and donnish. Of course, in the early morning, you will find the infamous cinnamon rolls plus a great variety of pastries.

You will find a great variety of “artisanal” bread. All the bread and baked goods are baked on site by Brian Henderson. He has been the baker since Bread and Butter opened its doors. Henderson was trained in New York City and has years of experience. Kelley Johnston, Owner and Operator, said she likes to say, “You can pronounce all the ingredients we use in our bread.”

Now on the staff as Chef is Justin Hall, who is responsible for all the food items that are not baked goods such as the sandwiches, soup, stews, salads and savory items.

Johnston said the combination of Henderson and Hall create, what she calls, “the perfect storm”. Their talents create some very unique taste. An example she gave was a sandwich made from cranberry and raisin bread created by Henderson with a combination of pimento cheese, bacon and strawberry jelly added by Justin.

Toward the back of the bakery is a full-service coffee bar with a barista ready to fix your favorite coffee drink as well as delicious drip coffee for a great cup. Coffee from a local roaster is used. One unique feature is a collection of mugs from many different places. You are invited to choose on to use for your cup of drip coffee and this includes free refills.

According to Manager Zac Johnston, both hot and ice tea are available in the coffee area. Pick your flavor for hot tea, and brew a cup from loose leaves in a tea ball. “Front Porch” tea will always be ready for ice, as well as a seasonal flavor such as pumpkin, presently.

Above the coffee area is an explanation of the “elephant logo” that Kelley has chosen to use. It reads, “Our Elephant Story…Over the years; when writing notes for my four children, I adopted the elephants as my “signature”. Whether on a note of encouragement, a list of chores, or a birthday card, the elephant was always there to remind them to have strength and be mindful in all they do. Here at Bread and Butter that same tradition continues…It’s our dedication to quality that gives us the strength of an elephant and the mindfulness to begin a culture of excellence. To provide you with only the best
to provide you with only the best customer service and great products with quality ingredients.”

There is plenty of comfortable seating for enjoying a pastry or a cup of coffee, or maybe a glass of wine or a beer. In addition, there is outdoor seating in front of the bakery. Wherever you decide to sit, free wi-fi is available.

Another special feature is the Community Room. It is a great place of meet with friends or can even be reserved for a group. One Bible Study and on Bridge Club has already reserved the use of the room. One feature of the Community Room is a “lending library”. Pick out a book to take home and read, bring back that book and perhaps others to share. There is no “checking out procedure” only a hope to encourage people to read.

Live music will be featured on Saturday nights. You are invited to come and have a glass wine, a cold beer, a special coffee drink, tea, or a great variety of soft drinks. You can choose a piece of cake, or cheese cake. Or you might prefer some of the special local cheeses and a choice of bread.

You can stop by Bread and Butter and pick up on a “Casserole to Go” for dinner. Then you will be freed up as dinner cooks in the oven to spend time with your family. The casseroles come in three sizes, two, four and six servings. All casseroles are prepared on site at the Bakery. Or you might want to pick up a container of one of the soups and prepared salads.

Bread and Butter now offers some glutton free items such as cookies and brownies with more items to be added soon. And of course, you are invited to talk with the staff about catering an event for you.

Stop by between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. to see and taste for yourself all the items offered at the Bakery. You will find the “little” bakery that out grew its building is ready to offer a great variety of services to you. Notice the bright and inviting decors. Take the time to look at the gift items offered.