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From Mystic to the Yellow River, a big week

Every weekend seems to be a busy one for music in and around Covington, but this weekend can be classified as insanely busy. The weekend finishes off with a festival down by the river.

First up is the trio of Chris, John and Scott doing the Covington two-for.
The tremendous trio returns to the roof top at The Mystic Grill on Thursday night, Sept. 29. Have you ever found yourself wanting to hear Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, and the Doobie Brothers all in the same set, maybe with some more 90s Alternative, 70s Classic Rock, and Soul music from all eras thrown in as well? If, like me, you do, then this is for you. These guys always kill it, every single time. And looking at the long-range weather forecasts, Thursday is set to be glorious temperature-wise.

Chris, Jon and Scott will head south by southeast the following night, Friday, Sept. 30, to that Amici Covington on College Avenue. There seems to be a special energy in the place when those three fellas play.

Big week at The Mystic Grill

We covered Thursday night at Mystic Grill already and man they've got a real treat lined up for Friday, Sept. 30. Idylls, a duo comprised of Rebecca Bates and Brad Parker, will be on the roof top starting up at 7 p.m. These two are simply amazing! The way they can harmonize will give you goose bumps, and they incorporate a very eclectic and varied songbook.

The Mystic Grill trifecta finishes up Saturday night, Oct.1 when the one and only Taylor Marie brings her amazing voice and songwriting to this special place next to the Historic Courthouse on the north side of the Square. This lady is legit; you won't want to miss it.

Yellow River Jam

The festival is an all-day event starting at noon on Saturday, Oct. 1 in Porterdale.

It's time for the 2nd annual Yellow River Jam and I think this is going to be quite the event. While last year's inaugural edition got a little dampened by some wet weather, it was still a really great time benefiting a very worthy cause.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more this time around, and they've got quite the list of performers lined up this year with Minute favorites Leighlynn Shine performing two sets, and groups such as Sanctified Revival, Scarlet Stitch, the Stratocats and headliner Brian Cameron and The Reluctant Saints. It is going to be a big, big day down in the lovely mill village.

Remember, there is also live music at The Social House every Saturday with Comedy Nights on Fridays. There is live music most weekends at Porterdale Bar and Grill, 5 O'Clock Somewhere, The Depot, Lucy's Wings and Johnny's Pizza. The picker's circles at Cowboy's BBQ on Saturdays, and at Where There's Smoke BBQ in Mansfield on Thursdays are also great. And as far as I know, Your Pie is still doing live music on Thursday evenings. Open Mic nights include the Listening Room on Mondays and The Depot with Shane Clark on Tuesdays. The Listening Room also hosts Jazz nights on Wednesday.

And a very special P.S. — Musical legend Lesley Daunt, Talent Administrator of The Listening Room, will be playing a very rare set Friday, Sept. 30 at that aforementioned venue opening for My Rebel Episode. Even if you're planning on catching Idylls at the Mystic, or CJ&S at Amici, it'd be worth it to check in around 8 p.m. and catch some of Lesley's set. She's a true talent, and other than doing a few songs here and there at the Open Mic that she hosts, she doesn't play many full sets these days. It's a real treat.

I hope you enjoy some of this wonderful music this week. Thanks for reading and we'll see you right here next time.
Marshall McCart wears many hats, but being a musician & musical enthusiast are chief among them.