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Be a knockout bride with professional hairstyle tips
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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. That's why she'll spend endless hours searching for the perfect gown, accessories and veil. What the prepared bride knows, however, is that her finished look can come off as incomplete if she doesn't have a beautiful wedding-day hairstyle.

To ensure the right style, you just might have to put your hair into the hands of a professional stylist who has the expertise to design a look to complement your gown and wedding theme. To get you started, here is some advice from hair-product manufacturer Joico.

1. What styles are good for a bride with short hair?

Keep it sexy and feminine. Add a little bit of lift and volume if it coordinates with what you're wearing. Keep it loose and free (not too fixed) because you'll feel more comfortable that way. Lighten it up and spice it up with some color.

2. What styles are good for a bride with long hair? Long hair is fascinating because you have lots of choices. Wear it sleek, tight and in a bun. Or go for volume and movement. Wear it half-up, half-down. Go retro. Go modern. If you have long hair, show it off; don't hide behind your veil too much. Let the world know your long hair is part of your look. A loose and soft movement indicates sexy and fresh.

3. What would be a great classical look?

A ponytail with a bun and a small twist with a pin or accessory looks very classic. Sleek and smooth are great with a stronger wedding gown. Don't make the hair too complicated if the dress is the focus or the show-stopper.

4. What would be a great modern look?

Simplicity in the movement, the flatness, the volume and taking the hair away from the face. All of those make the silhouette, and the flow of the bridal hairstyle look more graphic, stylish and right now. Don't overdo it with hair products, and don't have it conflict with makeup. Both should seamlessly work together -- one shouldn't dominate the other.

5. What styles would you suggest for a strapless dress?

Up and away because you want to show off that beautiful long neck and skin. Pin hair at the nape or build hair up in the crown; just keep hair away from the nape. Braid it, curl it, wave it, straighten it, and then pull it back. It's an instant face lifter and makes the body look more streamlined.

6. What styling products would you suggest for taking the bride through the whole day without reapplication?

Joico's K-Pak Smoothing Balm smoothes and conditions the hair, giving it sexy shine. K-Pak Protective Hair Spray by Joico is light and brushable. You'll also want to choose a styling mousse, such as K-Pak Thermal Designing Foam. It's like foundation for the style: It will hold but won't be rigid.

7. Is there any hair advice that you can suggest to the bride?

Rehearse the hairstyle before the big day. Keep it loose and soft, and don't overdo it. As long as it doesn't overpower the makeup and clothes, then it should look great. Do what you want to do. It's your day.