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Dustin Bragg among great week of music
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Howdy, folks; it’s so good to be back writing for you in this space again. Not only that, but it has been great seeing how much incredible musical talent we have around here. A lot of people seem to make the statement that there must be something in the water, concerning Newton’s musicians. And I’m not inclined to disagree with that sentiment.

And it’s just not music, either. There’s an absolute plethora of artists, painters and photographers in our neck of the woods.

Featured Shows:

There’s an open mic night at The Black Box Theater, 910 Center Street, Conyers, GA 30012 at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 5. This is a monthly open mic singer/songwriter showcase hosted by Tiger and Kathy Bragg, who I’m a big fan of. You can read about Tiger and Kathy in a previous edition of this column on The pair has been hosting this showcase for a few months and it seems to be doing really well. I’ve been told the Black Box Theater is a cool venue, and they seem to be garnering some good crowds. So, whether you’re a performer wanting to play or a fan just looking to listen to some good tunes, ease on out to Conyers and give this a listen.

Another open mic night will be at Sycamore Street Grill, 198 Sycamore Street in Social Circle at 8 p.m. on April 6. Like a lot of venues, Sycamore has started an open mic night hosted by Shane Clark. Clark has also been hosting an open mic night at The Social House, in Porterdale, on Tuesday evenings. I caught one of those a while back, and it was really good.

I’ve always had an appreciation for these things — you never know what you might get. For instance, someone who never performs in front of a live audience may be a little nervous at first, but then unwind for an incredible performance. That is a beautiful thing. Hey, if that describes you, then why not take the plunge yourself at one of these great open mic events.

Micah McKibben will perform at the Mystic Grill, 1116 Clark Street SW, Covington a 7 p.m., Saturday, April 9. There’s nothing quite like music on the roof top. McKibben, as many of you know, is the son of Mack McKibben of Drive Time and the store, McKibben Music. We covered Mack McKibben as a featured artists a few weeks back. Well, the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree as Micah McKibben is truly a talented guy. As one of three lead singers of Drive Time, he has a great voice. He also has great musical taste, so expect a good mix of different songs and genres.

As an aside, Micah McKibben and I have talked for years about doing a side project — a straight-up blues band with dual guitars and a righteous rhythm section. Of course, we both have a lot going on already, but I just have a feeling. Even if it’s a one-off show, it will come to pass at some point.

Dustin Bragg will perform live at The Social House, 2101 Main Street, Porterdale at 9 p.m., Saturday, April 9. Dustin Bragg, the son of the aforementioned Tiger and Kathy, is a guy I’ve mentioned before as one of those superb country singers in the greater Covington area. Dustin Bragg has really been getting his name out there and has been garnering a good bit of radio time and media buzz. In fact, he just wrapped up a radio station tour a few weeks ago out in the Texas and Oklahoma area, giving interviews and doing in-studio performances while getting his songs played. Tiger Bragg went with him on that tour, and reported back that it was quite a grueling schedule. But that’s part of what it takes to get your music out to the public.

Dustin Bragg always brings a good crowd, and the Social House should be rocking this Saturday.

Odds and Ends:

— Mallory Warman. Mystic Grill. 1116 Clark Street SW, Covington, 7 p.m., Thursday, April 7.

— Live music at Amici, 1116 College Avenue, Covington, 8 p.m., Friday April 8.

— Seminole Jackson, Porterdale Bar and Grill, 52 South Broad Street, No. 200, Saturday, April 9.

— Tiger Bragg Band, Whistle Post Tavern, 935 Railroad Street NW, Conyers, Saturday, April 9.

It looks to be quite a week of music. I hope you enjoy it, and we’ll talk to you right here next week.

Marshall McCart wears many hats, but being a musician and musical enthusiast are chief among them.